Material in this annotation comes from Orvill Paller Jr ( and Janet (

Descendants of Samuel Murphy, son of John Murphy Sr

N02-1 Samuel Murphy was a son of John Murphy Sr and Katy Bates. This annotation refers to the main genealogy. On 14 Jan 1799 in Bedford Co VA he married Mary "Polly" Leftwich, daughter of Uriah Leftwich. See The Leftwich-Turner Families of Virginia by Walter Hopkins for her Leftwich ancestry. At the time of the wedding, Samuel Murphy was underage and required his father's consent. Therefore, he was born after 14 Jan 1778. He died about 1823 in Brownstown IN. Mary Leftwich Murphy's grave marker in Riverview Cemetery, Seymour IN says that she was born in 1773 and died in 1867. This obituary of his son Samuel Jennings Murphy states that the son came with his father to Salem IN in 1819, and soon thereafter came to Brownstown where the father died in 1823. The obituary of his son George Haden Murphy states that the father died in 1822, along with several other members of the family.

Based upon the birth places of their children, Samuel and Polly left Virginia after 1810, passed through Kentucky about 1814 and arrived in Indiana by 1820. They appeared in the 1820 census of Jackson Co IN. Polly shows up without Samuel in the 1830 census of Jackson Co, living next door to her daughter Elizabeth. By 1850, Polly was living with her son George H. Murphy in Jackson Co. The obituary of their son James L. Murphy indicates that Polly and Samuel had twelve children, six girls and six boys.

More information on Samuel and Polly Murphy is provided in a biography of their son Samuel Jennings Murphy, from History of Iowa County (1881), pages 214-215, and is given in the following two paragraphs.

This suggests that John Murphy Sr, father of Samuel Murphy, was born in England and emigrated to Virginia, where he acquired about 600 acres of land and a large number of slaves. John is said to have freed 100 slaves (apparently for religious reasons) at the time of the War of 1812. John was said to have been a Whig and a Methodist, but he left the Methodist church because it advocated slavery, which no longer suited him. The Whig part is doubtful, since John Murphy died in 1819, while the American Whig party was not formed until 1834. Other information about John Murphy Sr is also subject to doubt, since it is based upon the undocumented memory of Samuel J. Murphy, who was about four years old when he moved hundreds of miles from where John Murphy Sr lived.

Samuel Murphy was a shoemaker by trade and followed that occupation in Virginia until after the War of 1812, when he went, with a six-horse team, across the mountains to Mercer Co KY. Soon after his arrival, all his property was destroyed by fire, and a few years later he moved to Jackson Co IN, where he continued as a shoemaker. He was said to have been a Whig. Polly Leftwich was said to have borne her husband thirteen children, but reared only seven to maturity. She died when over eighty years of age and was buried in the city cemetery of Seymour IN.

Their known children:

Lewis Fletcher Murphy obtained a license to marry Cyrene Congleton in Jackson Co IN on 27 Dec 1823. On 12 Dec 1832 in Jackson Co Louis F. Murphy applied for a license to marry Rachel Wells. In the 1840 Census of Jackson Co, Lewis F. Murphy (age 30-40) apparently has a wife (age 20 to 30) and two daughters, both over 10 years of age, and thus apparently from the first marriage. Since a Rachel Murphy applied for a marriage license in Jackson Co in 1842 and again in 1843, apparently Lewis Fletcher Murphy was dead by that time.

Elizabeth S. "Betsy" Murphy married (1st) Samuel Stanley in Jackson Co IN on 4 Feb 1824. He was sheriff of Jackson Co. Samuel died on 24 April 1828. On 27 Jan 1830 she married (2nd) Reason (or Rezin) A. Redman, b 14 Sept 1810, d 6 Oct 1889, buried in Fairview Cemetery, Brownstown IN. Rezen A. and Betsy S. Redman were administrators of Samuel Stanley's estate and guardians of Emeline C. and Phebe Maria Stanley, minor heirs of Samuel Stanley. On 12 May 1836 it was noted in the Jackson Co Probate Order book that "Betsy S. Stanley, alias Elizabeth Stanley, has since departed this life" George H. Murphy became administrator of the estate. Phoebe Stanley was living with her uncle James Murphy in Washington Co IN in the 1850 census. This agrees with information in Samuel Jennings Murphy's obituary.

Nancy S. Murphy, prob m Gabriel Woodmansee on 21 Jan 1830 in Jackson Co IN. Samuel Jennings Murphy's obituary does not mention Nancy, but does mention a sister Mrs. Catherine Vermilya.

James L. Murphy b 20 Jul 1808 (See N02-7)

Samuel Jennings Murphy b 1 Feb 1810 (See N02-2)

Mary G. Murphy b ca 1812 (See N02-6)

George Haden Murphy b Feb 1814 (See N02-5)


N02-2 Samuel Jennings Murphy (from N02-1) was born 1 Feb 1810 in Bedford Co VA and died 6 Apr 1897 in Marengo, Iowa Co IA. He married (1st) in Jackson Co IN on 13 Feb 1831 Elizabeth Warner, born 22 May 1810 in Maryland, died 29 Jan 1840, buried in Crane Hill Cemetery (now called the Douglas/Durand Cemetery), Brownstown, Jackson Co alongside an unnamed infant. He married (2nd) in Jackson Co on 6 Aug 1842 Sophia Hayes Umbarger, born 1825 in Washington Co IN.

According to his biography in History of Iowa County, he went to a log cabin school until he was 14, then was apprenticed to a hatter for seven years. He worked as a hatter for several years, and when forced to stop being a hatter by ill health, then became a farmer. Incidentally, hatters were prone to ill health because of mercury poisoning, hence "mad as a hatter," although mercury may not have been used in the American hat industry as early as 1835.

Samuel Jennings Murphy moved in 1850 to Iowa Co IA by wagon, camping out along the way. He had only $3 cash and an old gun when he arrived, and made his living by splitting rails. In 1853 he settled on land obtained by a land warrant which his brother sent to him. He later moved to Marengo, after which he purchased a substantial farm. He was Methodist and a radical Republican. He was elected to the Iowa state legislature in 1876, but as this was for a special session which was never called, he never served in the legislature. He then moved to Iowa Co IA. He and three of his sons fought on the Union side during the Civil War. In 1876 Samuel Jennings Murphy was living in Marengo IA

An obituary of Samuel Jennings Murphy was in the Brownstown (Indiana) Banner on 10 June 1897. It states that he came with his father's family to Salem IN in 1819 and soon thereafter to Brownstown IN, where his father died in 1823.

Children of the first marriage:

Nancy C. Murphy b Dec 1831 (See N02-36)

Wilbur Fisk Murphy b 10 Mar 1834 in Brownstown IN, d 30 May 1846, buried Crane Hill Cemetery

James Redmond Murphy, b 12 May 1836 in Brownstown IN, d 9 Mar 1921 (See N02-3)

Elizabeth R. Murphy b ca 1838 in Brownstown IN (See N02-11)

unnamed infant son, b ca 1840 in Brownstown IN, buried with mother at Crane Hill Cemetery, Jackson Co IN (Query: Did mother die in childbirth?)

Children of the second marriage:

Emory W. Murphy (apparently the first of this name, died young. Possibly he was the unnamed infant son of first wife, mentioned above.)

Samuel Soule Murphy b 22 Oct 1843 (See N02-10) graduated from Iowa Western University

Emory Waugh Murphy b 4 Feb 1845 (See N02-13), almost totally deaf. Known as "Waugh."

Isaac H. Murphy, b ca Jan/Feb 1849, d 29 May 1849, buried Crane Hill Cemetery, Jackson Co IN

George F. Murphy b 20 Mar 1847 in Brownstown IN, killed in shotgun accident 16 June 1857, buried in city cemetery in Marengo IA

Catherine E. "Kate" Murphy b 19 May 1850 Brownstown, Jackson Co IN, d 9 Feb 1851, buried in city cemetery in Marengo IA

William Bandy Murphy, b June 1852 in Marengo IA, d 14 Oct 1931 in Marengo, never married.

John Dempster Murphy, b 26 Sept 1854 Marengo IA, d 18 Oct 1928 Harrisville, Weber Co UT. He graduated from Iowa Western University. He moved to Utah about 1889, became a notary public about 1896, served as a recruiting officer for the U.S. Army for the Spanish American War, was a lawyer and served as a judge in Ogden UT (1913-1915), never married


N02-3 James Redmond Murphy (from N02-2) was born 12 May 1836 in Brownstown, Jackson Co IN and died 9 Mar 1921 in Sawtelle, Los Angeles Co CA. He was an officer for the Negro Army Corps for the Union Army in the Civil War. On 2 May 1861 in Marengo IA he married Louise Hannah Burnham, b 19 Sept 1845 in New York, Richmond Co NY.

Their children:

Anna E. Murphy was born 30 May 1862 (See N02-57)

Nettie T. Murphy was born 25 Oct 1867 (See N02-55)

Hannah May Murphy was born 9 July 1871 in Atlantic, Cass Co IA and died 15 Oct 1872.

Otto Stuart Murphy was born 9 Apr 1874 (See N02-4)

Emma Leone Murphy was born 17 Nov 1876 (See N02-56)

Nellie V. "Helen" Murphy was born 27 Aug 1878 in Hawleyville IA and died June 1968 in New York City. She married (1st) Henry Diers, who was dead by 1923. She married (2nd) Bernard Lowenfels.


N02-4 Otto Stuart Murphy Sr (from N02-3) was born 9 Apr 1874 in Hawleyville, Page Co IA and died 14 Aug 1932 in Peoria IL. On 1 Aug 1897 in Missouri Valley, Harrison Co IA he married Fanny Hanna Bates.


Donald Bates Murphy b 5 Nov 1898 (See N02-23)
Clara Dolores Murphy, born 10 Dec 1902 (See N02-20)
Otto Stuart Murphy Jr, born 28 Aug 1910, Peoria IL (See N02-8)


N02-5 George Haden Murphy (from N02-1) was born in Feb 1814 in Mercer Co KY near Harrodsburg and died 10 May 1896 (date of his obituary in the Daily Republican of Seymour IN). He married Lydia Warner on 28 Jan 1837 at Cranestown, Jackson Co IN, in a small log hut at the home of his brother Samuel Jennings Murphy. She was born 25 Dec 1818 in Maryland, daughter of Abraham Warner of Frederick Co MD and died 5 Feb 1896 (date of her obituary). Lydia was a sister of Elizabeth Warner who married Samuel Jennings Murphy and Rebecca Warner who married Mr Kelly. Samuel Jennings Murphy was named Lydia's guardian on 5 Jan 1832 by probate order as recorded in the Jackson Co IN Probate Order Book. George taught school in Brownstown, Jackson Co about 1833. He became a justice of the peace of Jackson Co in 1839 and afterwards became the four-term treasurer of Jackson Co. He declined renomination and moved to a farm in Hamilton Twp just below Honeytown, where he engaged in agriculture for three years. In March 1866 he became was cashier at the First National Bank of Seymour IN and a member of the Masonic Lodge. Both George and Lydia are buried in the Seymour City Riverview cemetery, and their birth and death dates are taken from their grave markers. Lydia's obituary states that she was the mother of twelve children, nine of whom are listed here.


Mary Catherine Murphy b ca 1837 Indiana, m 1855 Col. John J. Cummins in Jackson Co IN

John E. Murphy b ca 1839 (See N02-30)

Charles W. Murphy b ca Jul-Sep 1841 IN, d 10 Jun 1900 Brownstown Twp, Jackson Co IN (age 58)

Samuel Stanley Murphy b late Dec 1843, drowned 1854

George Otto Murphy b 5 Jan 1846 Indiana, d 17 Aug 1856

Lydia R. Murphy b ca 1848 (See N02-18)

Laura V. Murphy b 10 Apr 1850 Indiana, m 23 Nov 1868 Lewis H. Oliver in Jackson Co, d 22 June 1877, buried on Col. John J. Cummins' family farm.

James Bruce Murphy b ca 1854 (See N02-29)

Pideley Murphy b 29 Nov 1861, d 28 July 1863


N02-6 Mary G. Murphy (from N02-1) was born about 1812. On 3 Dec 1832 in Jackson Co IN, she married Dr Isaac Findley. He was from Jefferson Co KY and moved to Brownstown in 1832. She may have later married a Mr. Woody, because Mrs. Polly Woody is referred to in Samuel Jennings Murphy's obituary. This may be a confusion with the maiden name of her brother James L. Murphy's wife.


George M. Findley, b 1845 in Columbus, Bartholomew Co IN


N02-7 James L. Murphy (from N02-1) was a Methodist minister, born 20 Jul 1808 Bedford Co VA, died 1876, probably in Jackson Co IN, and was buried in Lanning Spur Cemetery, Carr Twp, Jackson Co. He was married (1st) 2 July 1832 In Jackson Co IN to Mary "Polly" Ann Woody, born 28 June 1814 in Kentucky, died 16 Mar 1866 in Lanning Spur Cemetery. Apparently he married (2nd) Sarah L. (b ca 1820). At the time of his death, he was living at Clear Springs, Jackson Co. His obituary said that he had ten children, of whom six daughters and one son were living at the time of his death. He had been married for about six years to his second wife at the time of his death.

Children: (see 1850, 1860 and 1870 census):

Elizabeth Murphy b 9 Jun 1835 IN (See N02-54)

George Warren Murphy b 1838 (See N02-28) (in household in 1860)

Deboline Murphy b ca 1840 (See N02-31)

William Anderson Murphy b 24 Dec 1841 (See N02-41). It is a guess whether or not the middle initial A. stands for Anderson.

Phebe C. Murphy, b ca summer of 1844 Indiana

Mary Murphy, b ca 1847 Indiana

Sarah Murphy, b ca 1847 (in 1850 census) Query: Were Mary and Sarah twins?

Delilah "Mattie" Murphy, b ca 1849 (See N02-32)

Clara Murphy, b 1854 IN, m (1st) Lynn Durham 3 Dec 1876 Jackson Co IN. He died there on 31 May 1878, and she m (2nd) John H. Long 22 Dec 1887.


N02-8 Otto Stuart Murphy Jr, (from N02-4) born 28 Aug 1910, Peoria IL, died 11 Apr 1964 Toledo OH, and buried in Cincinnati OH. On 10 Mar 1934 in Wilmette IL, he married Marian Louise Langdon, born in Wilmette, daughter of Buel Amos Langdon and Harriet Amelia Swarthout.

Judith Langdon Murphy (See N02-9)
Susan Clark Murphy (See N02-14)
Dennis Stuart Murphy (See N02-17)


N02-9 Judith Langdon Murphy (from (N02-8) was born 20 Dec 1939 in Cincinnati OH. She has a BA in journalism from Bowling Green State University. On 15 Nov 1973 in Salt Lake City UT she married Orvill Paller Jr. He was born in Vancouver, BC, Canada, on 24 Mar 1946. He has a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in political science from Brigham Young University.

son Paller, m Miss Whitlock.

John E. Paller

Marian H. Paller

J. Rebecca Paller


N02-10 Samuel Soule Murphy (from N02-2) was born 22 Oct 1843 and died 8 Nov 1916. He graduated from Iowa Western University and was a Methodist clergyman. On 6 Sept 1870 at Mt Pleasant, Henry Co IA, he married Prudence Matilda Kibben.

Merle Farmer Murphy b 29 June 1871 (See N02-12)
Herbert Haze Murphy b 25 June 1875
Ruth Murphy b 15 Aug 1877
Miriam R. Murphy b 5 Sept 1879
Mary Kibben Murphy b 12 Aug 1811
Edith Rebecca Murphy b 25 Jan 1884
Walter W. Murphy b 27 Oct 1885


N02-11 Elizabeth R. Murphy (from N02-2) was born about 1838. On about 30 Oct 1855 at Brownstown, Jackson Co IN, she married (1st) Theodore E.A. Buehler, born in Germany. Samuel Jennings Murphy's obituary gives his name as Col. T.E. Buehlor. On 3 Oct 1876 she married (2nd) Charles Whiting McNair, born 20 Mar 1847 in Woodville NY. She gave birth to nine children. By 1900 only eight were living. The ninth is unidentified.

Children of the first marriage
Charles Buehler, b ca 1857 Indiana
Theodore Buehler, b ca 1859 Kentucky (1880 census)
Anna Buehler, b ca 1861 Indiana
Bessie Buehler, b ca 1866 Indiana
Paul Buehler, b ca 1871 Georgia

Children of the second marriage
Laura McNair b ca 1877 Indiana
Hannah McNair b Sept 1879 Indiana
Ralph C. McNair b Nov 1882 Indiana (1900 Omaha NE census)


N02-12 Merle Farmer Murphy (from N02-10) was born 29 June 1871 in Wapello IA and died on 6 Nov 1962. He was known as "Farmer." He obtained a BA in 1893 and was a newsman for the Chicago Times and later the Baltimore Sun. On 19 June 1899 in Leavenworth KS he married Beatrice Landon Goodrich.


Goodrich Kibben Murphy, b 5 Sept 1901, d Apr 1987 (See N02-38)
Harriet Prudence Murphy (See N02-24)


N02-13 Emory Waugh Murphy (from N02-2) was born 4 Feb 1845 and died 21 Nov 1915. He was almost totally deaf. On 4 Feb 1878 at North Platte NE he married Annie Agnes Sutherland, born about 1863, of Canada. The marriage was performed by his brother Samuel Soule Murphy of Baldwin KS. Emory Waugh Murphy was a stock dealer.

Children (all born in North Platte NE):

Juanita Belle Murphy b 15 Nov 1878 in North Platte NE, d May 1971 residing at Corona Del Mar, Orange Co CA, m J. Rhodes Longley

Emory William Murphy b 14 Sept 1880 in North Platte NE

Hazel Prudence Murphy b 9 Nov 1883 in North Platte NE, m Mr. Turple

Beatrice M. Murphy b 14 Dec 1885 in North Platte NE

Waugh Sutherland Murphy b 11 Sept 1887 in North Platte NE, d Jan 1965

Bernice Jane Murphy b 22 Oct 1889 in North Platte NE


N02-14 Susan Clark Murphy (from N02-8) was born 8 Oct 1942 in Cincinnati OH. On 29 Aug 1964 in Indian Hill, Hamilton Co OH, she married Robert Richmond.

Children: three


N02-17 Dennis Stuart Murphy (from N02-8) was born 26 Jan 1945 in Cincinnati OH. On 13 Sept 1969 he married (1st) Cynthia "Cindy" Faye Holtan, born 25 Aug 1948. They were later divorced. On 6 May 2000 at Lake Tahoe CA he married (2nd) Cindy Fujikawa.

Children: four


N02-18 Lydia R. Murphy (from N02-5) was born about 1848 Indiana, married John B. Gibson, Jackson Co IN on 3 Apr 1867

George B. Gibson b Jan 1868 (See N02-19)
Mary Gibson b ca 1870 Brownstown, Jackson Co IN
Laura Gibson b ca 1871 Brownstown


N02-19 George B. Gibson (from N02-18) was born in Jan 1868 in Brownstown, Jackson Co IN. He married Susan, born April 1864 in Ohio. Information from 1900 census of Brownstown. George B. Gibson was not enumerated with the family in the 1910 census.


Fairy Gibson b May 1889 Brownstown

Lucy Gibson b Nov 1890 Brownstown

Orvill Gibson b 26 May 1894 Brownstown, m 2 Mar 1917 Effie J. Thompson, b 29 Apr 1900


N02-20 Clara Dolores "Patsy" Murphy (from N02-4) was born 10 Dec 1902 in Des Moines IA and died 7 Jul 1969. She married (1st) Paul Howard Webb. They were later divorced. She married (2nd) John B. Wansbrough. He died. She then married (3rd) Ira Milton Jones. The first four children are named in the obituary of Otto S. Murphy Sr.

Children of the first marriage:
Paul Thomas Webb
Stuart Bates Webb

Children of the second marriage:

Jean Delores Wansbrough (later Jean Jones) (See N02-21)

John Wansbrough, b 19 Feb 1929, lives in England, daughter Elizabeth Wansbrough, b ca 1958

Barbara Wansbrough

Child of the third marriage
Judith Latham Jones (See N02-22)


N02-21 Jean Dolores Wansbrough (later Jean Jones) was born 10 Sept 1930. She married Richardson "Dick" Browne. She lives in Albuquerque NM.


Sarah Wansbrough Browne, b 15 Jul 1951, divorced with one daughter Katie Carroll

Richardson Browne Jr, b 1953

Douglas Screibner Browne, b 1956, married Leslie, two children Mallory Browne (b 1984) and Matt Browne (b 1993)

Stephanie Browne b 1965


N02-22 Judith Latham Jones (from N02-20) was born 26 Feb 1946. She lives in Colorado. On 6 Jul 1968 she married (1st) John Stratton MacGregor Sr. She married (2nd) Richard Gallun.

Children of the first marriage

John Stratton "Skip" McGregor Jr, b 10 Sept 1969, m Katie Minahan 9 Sept 2000, lives in Milwaukee WI

Patricia Bates McGregor, b 13 Jan 1972, lives in New York City

Kathleen Schlesinger "KK" McGregor, b 22 Mar 1975, lives in Boston MA


N02-23 Donald Bates Murphy (from N02-4) was born 5 Nov 1898 in Grand Island, Hall Co NE and died 10 Mar 1972 in Silver Spring MD. He married (1st) Ruth Seymour, born 1906, died 1963. He married (2nd) Laura Evangelene Lovett.

Children of the first marriage
Joyce Murphy (See N02-25)
Donald Murphy


N02-24 Harriet Prudence Murphy (from N02-12) was born 11 Dec 1904 and died 1 Feb 2001 in New Canaan CT. On 27 Mar 1928 she married Paul A. Borglum of New Canaan, born 29 Dec 1901, died Sept 1968, son of Solon Borglum and nephew of Gutson Borglum, sculptor of Mt Rushmore.


David Solon Borglum (See N02-26)
Linda Borglum (See N02-27)


N02-25 Joyce Murphy (from N02-23) married (2nd) Wayne Oberlander. She lives in East Peoria IL.

Children (twins):
Ruth Oberlander
Danny Oberlander.


N02-26 David Solon Borglum (from N02-24) was born 15 Oct 1931 in New York. On 1 May 1960 he married Cecilia Agnes Murphy (no relation), born in Bronx NY. He lives in Wilton CT.

Felicia Ann Borglum, b 25 Feb 1961 Norwalk CT

Christian Alexander Borglum, b 2 Mar 1962 Norwalk CT, m 16 May 1987 Laurie Helzer in Grand Island NE, no children, residence Souderton PA

Diane Elizabeth Borglum, b 25 Mar 1963 Norwalk CT

Andrew Farmer Borglum, b 3 Oct 1964 (See N02-42)

Thaddeus Eugene Borglum, b 8 July 1966 Norwalk CT

Justin Erik Borglum, b 3 Jan 1968 Norwalk CT


N02-27 Linda Beatrice Borglum (from N02-24) was born 7 Feb 1930 in New York City. On 3 June 1956 she married William Ross Fry Jr. They were later divorced.

Steven Ross Fry, b 23 Oct 1957 in NYC NY
Jonathan Paul Fry, b 1 Feb 1962 in NYC NY


N02-28 George Warren Murphy (from N02-7) was born about 1838 in Indiana. He was listed in his parents' household in 1860. On 19 Feb 1863 in Jackson Co IN he married (1st) Josephine Benton. They were later divorced. In the 1870 census, Josephine and son William were living with her parents. On 23 Feb 1875 in Jackson Co IN he married (2nd) Sarah E. Allman.

Child of the first marriage:
William Murphy, b ca 1868, d 29 Mar 1883 of epilepsy

Child, probably of 2nd marriage, though possibly 1st marriage:
daughter, b 1873, d 27 Nov 1884 of epilepsy


N02-29 James Bruce Murphy (See N02-5) was born 19 June 1852 and died 31 July 1916. He was a railroad engineer. On 24 Sept 1873 in Jackson Co IN he married Emma B. Moulder, who was born 3 Sep 1853 and died 4 Apr 1917 (or perhaps 28 Mar 1917). Both were buried in Jackson Co IN.


Julia Ann Murphy, b 1874 (See N02-37)

Byron (or Bryon) E. Murphy, b ca Aug 1875 (perhaps 1874), d 1942

Harry C. Murphy, b 16 Mar 1878 (See N02-33)

George H. Murphy, b Dec 1880, d Clark Co IN 28 Apr 1881 bronchitis

Bruce Murphy, b ca 1884, d Jennings Co IN 18 Sept 1886 cholera

Nellie Murphy, b Nov 1887 Indiana

Jessie Murphy, b Jul 1891 Indiana (daughter)

Emma Murphy, b Nov 1894 Indiana


N02-30 John E. Murphy (from N02-5) was born about 1839 in Indiana. In Oct 1865 in Jackson Co IN he married Belle Almira Prebble, born about 1849, probably died between 1887 and 1890.


Lydia Blanche Murphy, b Aug 1866 Indiana (See N02-35)

Charles E. Murphy, b ca 1868 Indiana, probably married Martha Hogg on 21 Aug 1888 in Jackson Co IN

John E.S. Murphy, b ca 1870 Kansas, m Ida May Murphy on 4 Jun 1896 Jackson Co IN.

George Bruce Murphy, b ca 1871 Kansas, died 7 Feb 1904 in Brownstown, Jackson Co IN. He probably married Rosa Woodmansee

Frank C. Murphy, b ca 1873 Indiana

Mary Cate (or Kate) Murphy, b ca 1875 IN, d 1955, buried Robertson Cemetery, Hamilton Twp, Jackson Co IN. She m on 4 Sept 1892 George A. Robertson Jr in Jackson Co IN. He was born Nov 1868 in Indiana. No children in 1900 census.

Laura Rebecca Murphy, b ca 1878 (See N02-34)

Emma Murphy, b Feb 1882 Indiana

Hayden Murphy, b Jan 1883 Indiana

James B. Murphy, b Nov 1884 Indiana

Sylvia Murphy, b Jan 1887 Indiana


N02-31 Deboline Murphy (from N02-7) was born about 1840 in Indiana. This is probably the Deborah Murphy who married Peter M. Crane 2 Sept 1860 in Jackson Co IN. They show up in the 1870 census of Indiana.


Ella Crane, b ca 1863 IN

George Crane, b ca 1866 IN, probably m 14 Dec 1893 Anna May Kelson in Jackson Co IN

Stanley Crane, b ca Oct 1869 IN

Lizzie Crane, b ca 1875 Medora, Jackson Co IN (1880 census)

Verne Crane (daughter), b Sept 1881 IN (1900 census)


N02-32 Delilah "Mattie" Murphy (from N02-7) was probably born in 1849 in Washington Co IN and died 29 Nov 1881 (age 32) in Jackson Co IN. On 18 Feb 1874 she married Samuel B. Downs who was born about 1840 and died 15 Apr 1926 in Seymour, Jackson Co. She was survived by three children and two stepchildren. (See 1880 census.)

Austin E. Downs, b ca 1861 (stepson) m 10 Aug 1886 Sarah E. Erb
Gracie Downs, b ca 1871 (stepdaughter)
Dessie Downs, b ca 1875 (daughter)
Meedy Downs, b ca 1878 (son), m 10 May 1904 Stellie Daffy
May Downs, b ca 1879 (daughter)


N02-33 Harry C. Murphy (from N02-29) was born 16 Mar 1878, died 3 Aug 1937, and was buried in Fairview Cemetery, Brownstown Twp, Jackson Co IN. On 1 Mar 1903 in Jackson Co he married Ruth Branaman, born 17 Jul 1878, died 14 Aug 1943. In 1920 he lived in Knox Co IN.

Harold Murphy, b ca 1907 Indiana
Helen Murphy, b ca 1911 Indiana


N02-34 Laura Rebecca Murphy (from N02-30) was born about 1878 in Indiana. She married Samuel T. Hays on 25 Apr 1897 in Jackson Co IN.

Murrell Hays, b Mar 1898 Indiana


N02-35 Lydia Blanche Murphy (from N02-30) was born in Aug 1866 in Indiana and died 3 Jan 1954 in Jackson Co IN. She married William Wyatt Patrick on 21 Feb 1883 in Jackson Co IN. He was born on Nov 1856 in Indiana, son of Wyatt and Juretta Isaacs Patrick. See Centennial History of Jackson Co IN.

George Ogle Patrick b 29 June 1883 (See N02-39)

Leoma (or Lou Oma) Patrick b 19 June 1885 IN, m (1st) 30 Oct 1904 Jason E. Wheeler in Jackson Co IN. He was born 30 Mar 1880 and died 17 Apr 1911 In Jackson Co IN. On 1 Jan 1914 in Jackson Co she m (2nd) Frank Smith

Odessa B. Patrick b 11 Mar 1887 (see N02-40)

John Otto Patrick b Jan 1892 Jackson Co IN, d 17 Jan 1957 Seymour, Jackson Co

Charles W. Patrick b 5 Oct 1894 Jackson Co IN

Willeta B. "Dolly" Patrick b Feb 1896 Jackson Co IN

Emma J. Patrick b Oct 1899 Jackson Co IN

Juretta Patrick b ca 1902 Jackson Co IN

Sylvia M. Patrick b ca 1904 Jackson Co IN

Paul E. Patrick b ca 1907


N02-36 Nancy C. Murphy (from N02-2) was born about Dec 1831 in Brownstown, Jackson Co IN. On 15 Nov 1853 she married (1st) Thomas Robertson in Jackson Co IN. He was a physician. He died of brain disease on 15 Dec 1867 in Jackson Co IN. She married (2nd) Marshall V. Wilson on 14 Apr 1872 in Jackson Co IN. He was born Mar 1835 in Jackson Co IN. The obituary of Samuel Jennings Murphy indicates that he was Dr. Wilson and that they lived in Medora IN.

Children of first marriage:

Abbott Clifford Robertson b ca 1854 Jackson Co IN, m 17 Jul 1876 Trifonia D. Beem in Jackson Co IN. Marriage apparently over by 1880.

Sophia Robertson b 23 Mar 1858 Jackson Co IN (apparently a twin), m 26 Nov 1884 John C. Busby in Jackson Co IN. He was born in Feb 1804. In 1900 they lived in North Vernon IN.

Noral Robertson (daughter), b 23 Mar 1858, d 10 Jul 1858 Brownstown, apparently a twin

Jennings Grover Robertson b ca May 1860, d by 1900

Buehler Robertson b 8 Apr 1861, d 28 Sep 1865 Brownstown

Jessie Robertson (daughter), b ca 1862 Jackson Co IN m 23 Jun 1886 E.E. Umer in Jackson Co IN.

Pearle Robertson, b 18 Sep 1866, d 5 Jan 1868

Children of the second marriage:

Annie Wilson b ca 1865 Indiana (stepdaughter)

John T. Wilson b ca 1868 Indiana (stepson) m Eva Tharp on 14 Jul 1904 in Jackson Co IN

Goldie Wilson b Feb 1879 Carr Twp, Jackson Co IN


N02-37 Julia Ann Murphy (from N02-29) was born in 1874 and died in 1923. On 12 Nov 1892 in Jackson Co IN, she married Henry L. Owens, born 1845 and died 1942. They were both buried in Liberty Cemetery, Owen Twp, Jackson Co IN.

William Owens, b 1896, d 1919, buried in Liberty Cemetery.


N02-38 Goodrich Kibben Murphy (from N02-12) was born 5 Sept 1901 in New York City and died in Apr 1987. He married Eleanor Huyck.

Remainder of entries on this line were removed at family's request


M02-39 George Ogle Patrick (from N02-35) was born 29 June 1883 in Indiana. He married Leona Denning on 12 Feb 1907 in Jackson Co IN.

Don Patrick
Lucille Patrick, b 1908 Indiana, m Mr Rush
Ann S. Patrick, b Nov/Dec 1909 Indiana, m Mr Lee
Victor Patrick
Jane Patrick m Mr Coryell
Jack Patrick


N02-40 Odessa B. Patrick (from N02-35) was born 11 Mar 1887 in Indiana. She married Maurice Whiteford on 28 Nov 1907 in Jackson Co IN

Lillian Whiteford m (1st) Mr Bottorff, ((2nd) Mr Claycamp
Herbert Whiteford
Robert Whiteford
Mary Edall Whiteford (deceased by 1987) m Mr Pferrer


N02-41 William Anderson Murphy (from N02-7) was born 24 Dec 1841 in Indiana and died 31 Mar 1918. He married Frances Vance, b 1847, d 21 Mar 1901. Both are buried in Bedel Cemetery, Vernon Twp, Jackson Co IN.

Rose Elta Murphy, b 25 Apr 1882, d 16 Nov 1914, m 15 Apr 1899 Oliver B. Murphy, b 4 Nov 1879. She was buried in Bedel Cemetery.


N02-42 Andrew Farmer Borglum (from N02-26) was born 3 Oct 1964 in Norwalk CT. On 10 Mar 1990 he married Susan Terwilliger in Upper Saddle River NJ. They live at Ramsey NJ.

Nicole Terwilliger Borglum b 5 Aug 1992 NJ
Zachary Taylor Borglum b 23 Oct 1994 NJ
Cassandra Borglum b 3 July 1996 NJ


N02-54 Elizabeth Murphy (from N02-7) was born 9 Jun 1835 in Indiana, died 18 Feb 1923, and was buried in Lakeside Cemetery, Chariton Co MO. She married Daniel M. Brown, born 23 Nov 1831, died 5 Nov 1905, buried in Lakeside Cemetery.


Berton Brown, b ca 1858 IN
Mary Idella Brown, b ca 1860 IN
Anna Brown, b ca 1862 IN
Myrtle Brown, b ca 1864 IN
Clarence Brown, b ca 1866 IN
Thomas Brown, b ca 1868 IN
Iva Brown, b ca 1871 IN (probably Jackson Co)
Daisie D. Brown, b 6 Apr 1873, d 28 Dec 1890, buried Lakeside Cemetery
Laurel Brown, b ca 1875 IN (probably Jackson Co)
Orpha "Dolly" Brown, b ca 1877 IN (probably Jackson Co)


N02-55 Nettie T. Murphy (from N02-3) was born 25 Oct 1867 in Baraboo, Sauk Co WI and died 23 Nov 1950. She married William Hugh Alexander. Children (from obituary and from James Redmond Murphy pension file) were Mrs. Frank E. Norton of Long Beach, Mrs. Leslie Gould of Long Beach, Mrs. G.M. Miller, five grandchildren and four great grandchildren.


Ruth D. Alexander (See N02-59)

Delphine L. Alexander, b Dec 1895 St Louis MO, m George Newton Miller

Vernine "Verna" L. Alexander (See N02-58)


N02-56 Emma Leone Murphy (from N02-3) was born 17 Nov 1876 in Hawleyville, Page Co IA and died July 1969 in New York City. She married William P. Irwin. They were later divorced.


Burnham (or Burnkar) Irwin, b ca 1907. He was enumerated with Anna E. Murphy and Charles H. Copeland, in Lenox, Taylor Co IA, as their nephew.

James P. Irwin, b ca 1908 (1920 NYC census)


N02-57 Anna E. Murphy (from N02-03) was born 30 May 1862 (See N02-57) in Marengo, Iowa Co IA. On 12 Sept 1878 she married Charles H. Copeland.


Leslie Otto (or Otto Leslie) Copeland was born in Apr 1880, died in 1949, and was buried in Lenox, Taylor Co IA. He married Ethel M. --- about 1909, probably in Page Co IA. According to 1920 census, they had at least one daughter, Olga Ge. Copeland, b ca 1911.


N02-58 Vernine "Verna" L. Alexander (from N02-55) was born Dec 1898 in St Louis MO. She married (1st) John Clarence Otto and married (2nd) Frank E. Norton. There were at least two daughters by the first marriage, only one of which is identified.

Child of the first marriage:

Claire Delores Otto, b 20 Nov 1926 Long Beach CA


N02-59 Ruth D. Alexander (from N02-55) was born Feb 1892 in St Louis MO. On 15 May 1917 she married Leslie Samuel Gould (1894-1971).


Ruth Willnetta Gould

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