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¶22 DANIELI DOBYNS, the emigrant from England to Virginia, was the founder of that branch of the American Dobyns family traced in this book. His birth date is unknown, but he was probably of age when he first appeared in the records of Old Rappahannock Co. Va. on 27 Jan 1675 as witness to a property deed of THOMAS BOWLER. (fn 56) Therefore, he may have been born about 1653 or 1654. Public records which relate to DANIEL DOBYNS appear in Old Rappahannock Co. Va. until 1692 when that county was divided to form the two counties of Essex and Richmond. After 1692 his records appear in Essex Co. Va.

DANIELI DOBYNS was married three times, each time to a wife named ELIZABETH. His first wife was probably the daughter of ANDREW DUDDING. This conclusion is based largely on the will of ANDREW DUDDING written on 18 Feb 1708 and recorded on 13 Aug 1713. (fn 57) Bequests were made to godchildren THOMAS BROOKES son of RICHARD BROOKS, WILLIAM CHENEY son of JOHN CHENEY, and SUSANNAH DIKE daughter of JOHN DIKE. There were also bequests of one shilling each to Mr. DANIEL DOBYNS Sr. and to his children (vizt) RICHARD, DANIEL, ELIZABETH, CATHERINE, WILLIAM and CHARLES DOBYNS. The remainder of his estate both real and personal was left to his housekeeper MARY RICHARDS.

The three older children of DANIELI DOBYNS named in the will of ANDREW DUDDING were presumably DUDDING's grandchildren; however, it is likely that the name ELIZABETH is the result of a clerk's error and should read EDMUND. The clerk may have confused the name of DANIELI DOBYNS's wife ELIZABETH with that of his son EDMUND. Essex Co. records prove that EDMUND (named in the will of his father DANIEL DOBYNS as his third son) lived, married, and died in Essex Co. Va. No other record has been found of an ELIZABETH2 DOBYNS, daughter of DANIELI DOBYNS.

ANDREW DUDDING had married EASTER DIKE, the second wife and widow of JOHN DIKE, according to DIKE's will written on 24 Mar 1677, recorded 9 Jan 1678. (fn 58) EASTER was apparently ANDREW DUDDING's second wife, and not the mother of ELIZABETH DUDDING. There seems to have been a close personal relationship as well as a father-in-law and son-in-law connection between DANIELI DOBYNS and ANDREW DUDDING. This is shown in one way by a series of land transactions between the two men. On 25 Apr 1687, EASTER DUDDING attempted to convey 200 acres of land which she had inherited from her first husband JOHN DIKE, Sr. to her second husband ANDREW DUDDING. (Fn 59) Although it does not specifically appear in the records, such a conveyance between husband and wife was impossible under the common law then in force in Virginia. Someone must have informed the DUDDINGs of the effect of this law, because on 15 Nov 1700, ANDREW and EASTER DUDDING joined in a deed to convey these 200 acres to DANIELI DOBYNS. (fn 60) This conveyance was no longer between husband and wife and was thus valid. Then on 2 May 1701, less than six months later, DANIEL DOBYNS and his then wife ELIZABETH SMITH conveyed these 200 acres to ANDREW DUDDING and EASTER his wife (fn 61) This also was not a conveyance between husband and wife, and was thus valid to make ANDREW DUDDING and EASTER his wife joint owners (tenants by the entirety). All that was required was the use of an intermediary who could be trusted to reconvey the property. The use of DANIEL DOBYNS by ANDREW DUDDING and his wife EASTER to accomplish indirectly what they could not accomplish directly shows that they trusted him implicitly. Although by this time, ANDREW DUDDING's daughter ELIZABETH was dead and DANIELI DOBYNS was married to ELIZABETH SMITH and had three children by her, the mutual regard of the two men apparently remained. This attitude may have changed by 18 Feb 1708, depending upon one's interpretation of the bequest in the will of ANDREW DUDDING of one shilling to DANIELI DOBYNS.

ELIZABETH (DUDDING?) DOBYNS had borne three sons and was dead before 1 Feb 1688, the [Begin original page 24] date by which DANIEL DOBYNS married the second time. The second wife of DANIELI DOBYNS was ELIZABETH SMITH, widow of Major HENRY SMITH. It is not completely clear who were the parents of ELIZABETH SMITH, although it seems possible that she was the daughter of Dr. PETER GODSON and his wife SARAH. (fn 62) If so, she was born shortly after 11 July 1666. (fn 63) SARAH, the wife of PETER GODSON, may have been born SARAH HODGKINS.

The mother of ELIZABETH (GODSON?) SMITH DOBYNS was a HODGKINS, as proved by a deposition of DANIELI DOBYNS in Richmond Co. Va. on 1 Sept 1703, when he answered affirmatively the question "whether or no you have not heard your late wife M'rs ELIZ'A DOBBINS In discourse by your selves as also the demandant M'r SAM'LL PEACHEY was present at other times owne and declare that the said M'rs ELIZABETH DOBBINS and the aforesaid SAM'LL PEACHEY were first Cousins that is that their mothers were owne Sisters and that M'r WM HODGKINS dec'ed was their owne Brother and to the best of your Remembrance you were fully satisfied in the premises." This deposition was one of a series taken in a court case in Richmond Co. Va. which involved the HODGKINS, PEACHEY, and SMITH families. (fn 64) Further evidence that the mother of ELIZABETH SMITH DOBYNS was a HODGKINS is to be found in the will of SAMUEL PEACHEY, drawn on 24 June 1711 in Richmond Co. Va. (fn 65) He left a gold ring to Mr. DANIEL DOBYNS and a legacy to each of the children of DANIELI DOBYNS by his wife ELIZABETH SMITH, then deceased, they being KATHERINE, WILLIAM and CHARLES DOBYNS. SAMUEL PEACHEY was also one of the overseers of the will of Major HENRY SMITH, the first husband of ELIZABETH SMITH DOBYNS. (fn 66) The mother of ELIZABETH SMITH DOBYNS was definitely a HODGKINS and probably was SARAH GODSON.

SARAH GODSON was the wife of Dr. PETER GODSON of Lancaster Co. Va., who later moved to Old Rappahannock Co. Proof of this marriage exists in two Lancaster Co. Va. deeds. The first one, dated 18 July 1658, conveyed 50 acres of land from WILL THOMAS to PETER GODSON, and was signed by WILL and JOANE THOMAS. The second deed was by PETER GODSON, assigning the right to the bill of sale of this land to WILL THOMAS, and was recorded on 1 Apr 1659 (fn 67) and was signed by PETER GODSON and SARAH GODSON. SARAH GODSON was a widow by June or July 1670, at which time she married Dr. PETER HOPEGOOD of Old Rappahannock Co. Va. Just before the marriage, she executed a deed of gift dated 21 June 1670, giving some personal property to her daughters, named in decreasing order of age, SARAH, MARY FRANCES and ELIZABETH GODSON, all under the age of eighteen and unmarried. Immediately after the marriage, PETER HOPEGOOD signed the deed, on 6 July 1670, to confirm the gift. (fn 68) PETER HOPEGOOD died about 1679, leaving a will (fn 69) which left everything to his "daughters-in-law" (that is, stepdaughters) FRANCES and ELIZABETH GODSON, both under sixteen and unmarried at the time the will was written on 28 May 1678. ELIZABETH GODSON was left in the care of THOMAS ROBERTS until 1680 to be kept in school, and FRANCES GODSON was left in the care of Mr. HENRY SMITH until 1680. Overseers of the will were Mr. HENRY SMITH, Mr. WILLIAM YOUNG, and THOMAS ROBERTS.

When FRANCES GODSON died unmarried in 1686, she left a will (fn 70) written on 27 Jan 1685/6 and proved 7 Apr 1686 in which she left her money to be divided between HENRY SMITH and TOBY SMITH (sons of Major HENRY SMITH), her land to HENRY SMYTH and the rest of her property together with "what may come out of England from my Unkle" to Mrs. ELIZABETH SMITH.

Thus it is possible that Mrs. ELIZABETH SMITH was the former ELIZABETH GODSON, sister of FRANCES GODSON. If so, she was not the first wife of Major HENRY SMITH named ELIZABETH, as ELIZABETH SMITH, wife of HENRY SMITH, appeared in court to release her dower in land sold by her husband to THOMAS HARWAR on 26 Apr 1675. (fn 71) Therefore, it could not have been this ELIZABETH who released the dower. However, there are so many interrelated family connections and so many legal and personal associations between the GODSON, SMITH and HODGKINS groups that it seems unlikely that ELIZABETH SMITH was not a GODSON.

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Major HENRY SMITH, the first husband of ELIZABETH (GODSON?) SMITH, was the son of TOBY SMITH of Nansemond plantation in Old Rappahannock Co. Va. (fn 72) and his wife PHEBE FONTLEROY. Major HENRY SMITH drew his will in Old Rappahannock Co. Va. on 15 Apr 1684, designating (without naming) his wife and naming his sons TOBY and HENRY. Executors of the will were his wife and EDWARD ADCOCK, husband of Major HENRY SMITH's sister ELIZABETH. Overseers of the will were Col. WILLIAM LOYD and Mr. SAMUEL PEACHEY, first cousin of ELIZABETH (GODSON?) SMITH. ELIZABETH SMITH and EDWARD ADCOCK did not get along well together as executors, and she finally sued to force him to "desist from his abusive language toward her". The will was proved on 4 June 1684. (fn 73) ELIZABETH (GODSON?) SMITH was married for the second time to DANIELI DOBYNS before 1 Feb 1688. (fn 74)

That ELIZABETH SMITH married first Major HENRY SMITH and second DANIELI DOBYNS is proved by the following extract from a deed of gift by DANIELI DOBYNS of certain property previously belonging to HENRY SMITH, son of Major HENRY SMITH:

"...I DANLL DOBYNS of Essex County in ye Colony of Virginia Send Greeting in our Lord God Everlasting Whereas I the said DANLL DOBYNS for the Consideracon of a Certain Estate falen into my hands by ye Decease of HENRY SMITH Son to my present wife ELIZABETH whom Shee had by Majr HENRY SMITH her former husband of Rappa County Deced which said Estate upon Contract of Marriage to be Consumated with the said ELIZABETH my now wife I the said DANLL DOBYNS did Give Confirm & make over unto the said HENRY SMITH her son by a Deed acknowledged in Rappa Court bearing date the ffirst day of ffebruary 1688...Now Know Yee that I the said DANLL DOBYNS Have Given granted assigned Sett & made over unto my three Children hereafternamed whome I have by ELIZABETH my said wife (vizt) WILLIAM (,) CHARLES & KATHERINE DOBYNS the above Estate...the above Estate to be paid & made good out of my Estate unto my three Children afore nominated when they shall Attain to the Age of Twenty one Yeares But if my said daughter KATHERINE Should marry before ye age above...In Witness whereof I have Sett my hand & Seale the 8th Day of Augst 1701...


This deed was acknowledged by DANIELL DOBYNS in Essex Co. Court on 11 Aug 1701. (fn 75)

The previous deed of 1 Feb 1688 (fn 76) from DANIELI DOBYNS to HENRY SMITH, son of Major HENRY SMITH, referred to in the deed extracted above, enumerated the several properties both real and personal conveyed to HENRY SMITH. It further stated that HENRY SMITH was under the age of sixteen years, and that he was the son of ELIZABETH SMITH and her husband Major HENRY SMITH.

ELIZABETH SMITH DOBYNS died before 1 Sept 1703, on which date she was described in Richmond Co. Va. court records as "the late M'rs ELIZ'A DOBBINS." (fn 77)

The third wife of DANIELI DOBYNS was ELIZABETH BILLINGTON, daughter of JOHN BILLINGTON of Essex Co. Va. DANIELI DOBYNS and JOHN BILLINGTON were Overseers of the estate of GEORGE SUGGETT, (fn 78) whose daughter MARY SUGITT probably married EDMUND2 DOBYNS, son of DANIELI DOBYNS.

Proof of the marriage of DANIELI DOBYNS to ELIZABETH BILLINGTON is found in an Essex Co. Va. deed dated 14 July 1737 by which GRIFFIN2 DOBYNS of Essex Co. Va. sold to ABRAHAM MONTAGUE 120 acres of land in the lower part of Essex Co.being one half of a dividend of 240 acre divided by AUGUSTINE SMITH between DANIEL DOBBINS (father of the said GRIFFIN) and WILLIAM HUDSON, the said land coming to them by their intermarriage with ELIZABETH and JUDITH, daughters of JOHN BILLINGTON of this county, deceased. (fn 79)

That ELIZABETH BILLINGTON was the third wife of DANIELI DOBYNS is proved in his will by the designation "mother-in-law" (i.e. stepmother) to my "son CHARLES DOBYNS". CHARLES was the son of ELIZABETH (GODSON?) SMITH, the second wife of DANIELI DOBYNS. ELIZABETH BILLINGTON DOBYNS was alive on 11 Feb 1713, the date of the appraisal of the estate of her husband DANIELI DOBYNS; the date of her death is unknown.

The activities of DANIELI DOBYNS in both Old Rappahannock and Essex Counties were many and varied. As examples, he appears as a witness in many land transactions in Old Rappahannock Co. Va. from 1675 to 1704. (fn 80) On 27 Dec 1682 he purchased cattle and goods from ROBERT SMITH. (fn 81) He conveyed 23,430 pounds of tobacco to EDWARD THOMAS on 4 Oct 1688, (fn 82) and made other conveyances. He served as Constable of Old

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Rappahannock Co. Va. in 1685 (fn 83) and as Surveyor (thereby allotting lands, an important office) in 1687. (fn 84) He was a Justice on the "Commission for the Peace for Essex Co." by 10 Aug 1699 and a month later, on 11 Sept, was appointed Presiding Justice. This Commission served directly under the Governor of Virginia, who was FRANCIS NICHOLSON through 1705 when DANIEL DOBYNS ceased to be a member. (fn 85)

On 21 Sept 1708 THOMAS CROW of Essex Co. Va. drew his will (fn 86) in which he left Mr. DANIEL DOBYNS a ring of twenty shillings value. DANIEL DOBYNS, NICHOLAS SMITH Jr and JOHN POWELL witnessed and proved the will, the latter on 11 Oct 1708. The home plantation of NICHOLAS SMITH adjoined that of DANIELI DOBYNS. (for which, see ¶24)

The will of DANIELI DOBYNS (fn 87) was drawn as follows in Essex Co. Va. in Sept 1712:

"In the name of God Amen I DANLL DOBYNS of Essex County being Sick in body but of perfect memory thanks be to God and knowing that all flesh is born to die do make this my last will and Testament in form following Vizt Impri-- I bequeath my Soul to Almighty God who gave it to me in Sure and certain hopes of Salvation through the merits of my blessed Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ and my body to the Earth to be buried in Such Devout Manner as my Exectx shall see fit, and all my worldly goods I give as followeth, that is to Say, I desire that all just debts due to any person from my Estate be fully paid and Satisfied within a year after my Decease

"Item I give and bequeath unto my five Sons /vizt/ RICHARD, DANLL, EDMUND, WILLIAM and CHARLES DOBYNS Twenty Shillings a piece or to Each of them to buy them Rings

"Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter CATHERINE DOBYNS one fether bed bolster blanketts and Rugg

"Item I give and bequeath unto my three younger Sonns that is to Say GRIFFIN (,) DRURY and ISAAC DOBYNS Ten pounds Sterling a piece when they attain to ye age Twenty One years, and if Either of them Should happen to die before he attains that age then his part to be divided between the two survivors

"Item It is my will and desire that my son CHARLES DOBYNS remaine with his Mother in law [i.e. stepmother] till Xmas come Two years and that the Negro Woman Bess remain with my wife the term of time her Master CHARLES Stays

"Item I do give and bequeath unto my dearly and well beloved Wife ELIZABETH after all my debts Legacies are fully paid and Satisfied, all the rest of my Estate both goods and Chattels and do hereby appoint my Wife ELIZABETH to be my whole sole Exectx of this my last will and testament as Witness my hand and Seale this (sic) day of Septembr 1712

(signed) DANLL DOBYNS Senr (Seal)

JOHN H HOSKINS (his mark)
THOMAS t ffITSJEFRES (his mark)

"At a Court held for Essex County ye 12th day of ffebr 1712 This will was proved by the oaths of ELIZABETH DOBYNS Extx and of JOHN HOSKINS and THOMAS ffITSJEFFRIES two of the witnesses hereto and was ordered to be Recorded, and is Recorded Test Richard Buckner ClCur"


The estate of DANIELI DOBYNS was appraised before 11 Feb 1713/4 by NICHOLAS SMITH, Jr., JAMES EDMUNDSON and ISAAC WEBB, and was presented in Court by ELIZABETH DOBYNS, Executrix. The total value of the personal estate was approximately £80, including four silver spoons at £2/0/0, a silver tobacco box at £1/10/0 and an old sword at £0/0/6.

The CHILDREN of DANIELI DOBYNS by his first wife, who was probably ELIZABETH DUDDING, were







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¶23 RICHARD2 DOBYNS (DANIELI) (from ¶22) was born in Essex Co. Va. about 1680. His mother, the first wife of DANIELI DOBYNS, was probably ELIZABETH DUDDING. RICHARD2 DOBYNS married ELIZABETH BATTEN, daughter of JOHN BATTEN and his wife ELIZABETH. This ELIZABETH may have been the second wife of JOHN BATTEN, as there is a recorded will of MARY BASKERVILLE of York Co. Va. (written 12 July 1693, proved 25 June 1694), indicating that JOHN BATTEN married MARY BASKERVILLE, daughter of JOHN and MARY BASKERVILLE. (fn 88) Although the dates are logical and no other JOHN BATTEN has been found, it cannot be said with certainty that the same JOHN BATTEN married (1st) MARY BASKERVILLE and (2nd) ELIZABETH BATTEN.

The will of JOHN BATTEN was drawn in Richmond Co. Va. on 3 May 1712 and was proved on 3 Sept 1712. (fn 89) In this will, bequests were made to his wife ELIZABETH, his daughter ELIZABETH DOBYNS and his granddaughter PHILLIS LUCAS. The bequest to PHILLIS LUCAS was coupled with a restriction that if the testator's "son-in-law" FRANCIS LUCAS, father of PHILLIS, takes her away, she would not have the bequest. The executors of this will were the testator's wife ELIZABETH, his daughter ELIZABETH DOBYNS, and his granddaughter PHILLIS. PHILLIS to become an executor when she reached the age of sixteen. In May 1711, (fn 90) FRANCIS LUCAS had married ANN SMITH. They moved to Prince William Co. Va., where FRANCIS died intestate in 1739. (fn 91) annotation

The bond for the inventory of JOHN BATTEN's estate was given by "ELIZABETH DOBYNS, wife of RICHARD DOBYNS", and the administrator's bond on the same day was signed by FRANCIS LUCAS, RICHARD DOBYNS and WILLIAM SMITH. (fn 92)

The name of ELIZABETH, wife of JOHN BATTEN, does not appear on either bond. She had married JOHN WILLIAMS in July 1712 in Richmond Co. Va., only a few weeks after her husband JOHN BATTEN died. Her daughter ELIZABETH DOBYNS was the surety for the bonds. On 1 Nov 1712, JOHN WILLIAMS and his wife ELIZABETH of Richmond Co. Va. conveyed to JOHN NAYLOR "one third part of a messuage formerly belonging to JOHN BATTON who purchased it from HENRY LUCAS on the North side of the Rappahannock River, (i.e. Richmond Co.) which the said ELIZABETH claymes as her Right of Dower as being the widow & relict of the said JOHN BATTEN". The deed of conveyance was signed by JOHN WILLIAMS and ELIZABETH (X) WILLIAMS and was recorded on 6 May 1713. (fn 93) JOHN WILLIAMS died intestate in Richmond Co. in 1715. (fn 94) His widow, ELIZABETH BATTEN WILLIAMS may have married for the third time WILLIAM STOKES of Essex Co. Va. who drew his will on 8 Dec 1719. The will was proved 16 Feb 1719. (fn 95)

RICHARD2 DOBYNS, by deed of gift on 8 Dec 1713, "for natural affection & brotherly love which I have & bear unto my well beloved brother DANIEL DOBYNS" gave DANIEL 50 acres "part of the tract whereon I now dwell," in Essex Co. Va. "ELIZABETH, wife of RICHARD DOBYNS" relinquished her dower rights to the land conveyed. The deed was recorded on 14 Jan 1713/14. (fn 96)

RICHARD DOBYNS died intestate before 21 June 1726, on which date bond was given by his widow ELIZABETH DOBYNS for administration of his estate. (fn 97) The bond was acknowledged on 21 June 1726. The inventory of this estate was made in obedience to an order of court dated 21 June 1726 and returned on 19 July 1726 by WILLIAM BROOKE, HENRY HUDSON, and JOHN CHENEY, and was signed the same day by ELIZABETH DOBYNS. (fn 98)

Only one child of RICHARD and ELIZABETH DOBYNS has been proved with certainty, although other children probably existed. Their son was



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¶24 DANIEL2 DOBYNS (DANIELI) (from ¶22) was born in Essex Co. Va., possibly about 1682, the son of DANIELI DOBYNS and his first wife, who may have been ELIZABETH DUDDING. (fn 99) He probably married ELIZABETH BOWLER, daughter of JAMES BOWLER and his wife MARJORY GRAY, who was the daughter of WILLIAM GRAY. The will of WILLIAM GRAY, drawn in Rappahannock Co. Va. on 20 July 1673 and proved on 3 Sept 1673, names sons JOHN, WARWICK, WILLIAM and ABNER GRAY, daughter MARY GRAY and grandchild ELIZABETH BOWLER. Executors were his wife MAUDLIN and his son-in-law JAMES BOWLER. (fn 100) JAMES BOWLER was the son of THOMAS BOWLER who drew his will in Rappahannock Co. Va. on 17 Mar 1678/9 (fn 101) naming son JAMES BOWLER (not yet 21) and daughters ELIZABETH BOWLER and ANNE BOWLER. His wife TABITHA and son JAMES BOWLER were executors

The will of JAMES BOWLER (spelled BOULWARE in will) was drawn in St. Anne's Parish, Essex Co. Va. on 13 Dec 1713. It names children JAMES, MARK, BENJAMINE, JOHN, WILLIAM and MARY, but does not name daughters SARAH or ELIZABETH. They were probably married by this date and had already received their portions as marriage settlements. He devised to sons JOHN and WILLIAM the land "I bought from WARWICK GRAY" (his brother-in-law). (fn 102) WARWICK GRAY drew his will in Essex Co. Va. on 14 June 1699. He bequeathed his plantation to be equally divided among his son WILLIAM GRAY, his son ABNER GRAY and SARAH BOWLER, the daughter of JAMES BOWLER, "when ABNER and WILLIAM GRAY become of age 20." (fn 103) Other BOWLER wills of this immediate family are on record in Rappahannock and Essex Co. Va.

There was apparently a close association between DANIELI DOBYNS and his son DANIEL2 DOBYNS on the one hand and THOMAS BOWLER and his son JAMES BOWLER on the other hand, adding some circumstantial evidence that DANIEL2 DOBYNS married ELIZABETH BOWLER, daughter of JAMES BOWLER. In 1663 THOMAS BOWLER acquired land on the south side of the Rappahannock River and built a house on it by 1669. On 21 June 1721, DANIEL2 DOBYNS gave bond for the license of EBENEZER ADAMS to operate "Bowler's Ferry" across the river at this point. (fn 104) In 1675, THOMAS BOWLER bought 1460 acres of land in several tracts north of "Bowler's" and three miles back from the river, and called the plantation "Mary Gold." Two hundred acres of the tract were purchased from JOHN WEBB. DANIELI DOBYNS and RICHARD BROOKE witnessed the deed of sale from JOHN WEBB and his wife ELIZABETH to THOMAS BOWLER on 27 Jan 1675, and also the power of attorney from JOHN WEBB and his wife ELIZABETH to EDWARD CRUSH. On 5 Feb 1675, they witnessed ELIZABETH WEBB's renunciation of her right of dower. Part payment was recorded by THOMAS BOWLER to JOHN WEBB on 16 Feb 1675, as attested by DANIELI DOBYNS (fn 105)

On 12 Aug 1714, NICHOLAS SMITH Jr of Essex Co. Va. received a gift of 500 acres in Essex Co. Va. from his father NICHOLAS SMITH Sr. of Gloucester Co. Va., (fn 106) which land was originally patented by THOMAS BOWLER and was "adjacent to the plantation that my son now lives on." (fn 107) This property adjoined the "land whereon DANIEL DOBYNS Sen'r last lived", according to the deed of sale of this same land by RICHARD2 DOBYNS, eldest son of DANIELI DOBYNS to his brother WILLIAM2 DOBYNS on 4 Mar 1723. (fn 108) Thus it is seen that THOMAS BOWLER, his son JAMES BOWLER, DANIELI DOBYNS, his sons RICHARD2 DOBYNS and WILLIAM2 DOBYNS, NICHOLAS SMITH Jr., and THOMAS CROW lived on adjoining plantations.

When WILLIAM2 DOBYNS died in 1730, this same DOBYNS plantation was inherited by his son ABNER3 DOBYNS who mortgaged it to NICHOLAS SMITH Jr. on 27 Jan 1753, (fn 109) then sold it to HENRY VASS on 15 Apr 1755. (fn 110) Thus NICHOLAS SMITH Jr. was associated with three generations of the DOBYNS family. He signed the Inventory and Appraisal of the estate of DANIELI DOBYNS on 14 Jan 1713/4, (fn 111) he was one of the appraisers of [Begin original page 29] the estate of ANDREW DUDDING on 13 Aug 1713, he was one of the subscribers to the division of the estate of WILLIAM2 DOBYNS, and he joined with ABNER3 DOBYNS in selling his inheritance received from the estate of his father WILLIAM2 DOBYNS. He also appears in other DOBYNS documents.

DANIEL2 DOBYNS died before 17 Jan 1748, on which date his will was proved. (fn 112) He was an adult by 11 Dec 1705, when he was designated as DANIEL DOBYNS Jr., in an Essex Co. Va. court order designating him as one of the appraisers of the estate of JAMES COTTON. (fn 113) From this time on, he appears in many Essex Co. Va. records, in settlements of other estates, in land transfers, and in other types of documents with the signature DANIEL DOBYNS Jr. (fn 115)

The will of DANIEL2 DOBYNS of Essex Co. Va. was dated 6 Oct 1748 and proved 17 Jan 1748/9. (fn 116) It gave sons BOWLER and RICHARD his dwelling plantation to be divided between them; to friend EDWARD BOMAR, four acres; to son RICKINS a negro girl Judy. Executors were his sons THOMAS and BOWLER DOBYNS, who gave bond to serve in Essex Co. Court on 17 Jan 1748.

CHILDREN, presumably born in Essex Co. Va., were

possibly DANIEL3 DOBYNS (See ¶513)


¶25 EDMUND2 DOBYNS (DANIELI) (from ¶22) was the third son named in the will of his father DANIELI DOBYNS. EDMUND's mother was the first wife of DANIEL. The birth date of EDMUND DOBYNS is unknown, but he was born before 1 Feb 1688, the date by which his father married his second wife, ELIZABETH SMITH. EDMUND's wife was named MARY and was probably MARY SUGGETT, daughter of GEORGE SUGGETT and his wife ELIZABETH. EDMUND DOBYNS died intestate in Feb 1720. (fn 117) His widow MARY DOBYNS, with JAMES SUGGETT and EDGCOMB SUGGETT, gave bond for the administration of EDMUND's estate on 7 June 1725 (fn 118) which was acknowledged the same day. The inventory of the estate by MARY DOBYNS was recorded on 5 July 1723. (fn 119)

The will of JOHN SUGGETT, written on 24 Sept 1689, proved on 2 Apr 1690, (fn 120) and probated in Essex Co. Va. court for June 1693, (fn 121) names his sons JAMES, EDGCOMB, THOMAS, and JOHN (JOHN apparently being the eldest) and his wife SARAH. SARAH SUGGETT, wife of JOHN, was a daughter of JOHN EDGCOMB, as shown by a deed of gift (fn 122) dated 4 May 1694 from SARAH SUGGETT to her four sons JAMES, EDGCOMB, THOMAS and JOHN of lands inherited from JOHN EDG., father of the said SARAH.

The will of GEORGE SUGGETT, written 11 Dec 1692, (fn 123) proved June 1693, mentions his daughters MARY SUGGITT and ANNE SUGGETT, and his wife ELIZABETH. In this will, GEORGE SUGGETT showed his close relationship to the DOBYNS family by appointing DANIELI DOBYNS and JOHN BILLINGTON, father-in-law of DANIELI DOBYNS, to be overseers of his will. DANIEL DOBYNS was also a witness to the will.

It may be that GEORGE and JOHN SUGGETT, planters of Rappahannock Co. Va., were brothers. They lived at the same time in the same locality and died within two years of each other. It seems logical that MARY DOBYNS, who had no brothers of her own, would choose her first cousins to give bond for the administration of her late husband EDMUND's estate. Thus it is believed that MARY DOBYNS, widow of EDMUND DOBYNS, was born MARY SUGGETT.

No CHILDREN have been identified.


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¶26 WILLIAM2 DOBYNS (DANIELI) (from ¶22) was born in Essex Co. Va., probably after 1688 and before 1697. He was the first child of DANIELI DOBYNS and his second wife ELIZABETH SMITH. That WILLIAM2 DOBYNS was their first child is shown by a deed of gift from DANIELI DOBYNS to his three children by his second wife ELIZABETH SMITH, dated 8 Aug 1701, and naming children WILLIAM, CHARLES and KATHERINE. (fn 124) He married, on an undiscovered date, JOANNA ----, called HANNAH. He died in Essex Co. Va. in 1730.

WILLIAM2 DOBYNS was a godson of JOHN SCOTT of Essex Co. Va., and he received two bequests in his will drawn on 4 Sept 1697, which was witnessed by DANIELI DOBYNS, father of WILLIAM2 DOBYNS. (fn 125) On 18 June 1720 WILLIAM DOBYNS and WILLIAM JOHNSON were appointed trustees by deed of gift from MARTHA COLEMAN. (fn 126) An inventory of the estate of RICHARD BROOKE, who was closely associated with DANIELI DOBYNS and his sons, was made by WILLIAM2 DOBYNS, JOHN CHENEY and HUGH WILLIAMS in obedience to an Essex Co. Va. court order dated 19 Aug 1729 and returned 16 Sept 1729. (fn 127)

The will of WILLIAM2 DOBYNS of Essex Co. Va. dated 16 Mar 1730 and proved on 13 Jan 1731 left his plantation to his son ABNER, a negro girl to daughter JOANNA, "to my wife a ring, the rest of my estate to be equally divided between my wife and two children." THOMAS BRYAN was sole executor. (fn 129) Bond for the inventory was signed by JOANNA DOBYNS, FRANs SMITH and JOHN EDMONDSON on 16 Mar 1730 and recorded on the same day. In accordance with the inventory order of 17 May 1736, the proportion of the estate of the said WILLIAM DOBYNS "due to his two orphans" was paid 11 June 1736. It was signed by WILLIAM COVINGTON, JOHN CHEYNEY, RICHARD BUSH, and NICHOLAS SMITH. (fn 130)

CHILDREN, born in Essex Co. Va., were

ABNER3 DOBYNS b 1727 (See ¶139)


¶27 CHARLES2 DOBYNS (DANIELI) (from ¶22) was born in Essex Co. Va. before 1703 and died intestate in Richmond Co. Va. on 16 Nov 1760. (fn 131) About 1723 he married SARAH NASH, who died on 26 Sept 1768. (fn 132) She was the daughter of THOMAS NASH, who drew his will in Richmond Co. Va. on 7 Aug 1732, proved 4 June 1733, leaving bequests to son THOMAS NASH, to CHARLES DOBYNS, to grandson THOMAS NASH, to grandson WILLIAM DOBYNS, to daughter SARAH DOBYNS and to daughter ANN BARBER. Witnesses were GABRIEL ALLOWAY and JOHN HAMMOND, brother-in-law of CHARLES2 DOBYNS. (fn 133)

CHARLES2 DOBYNS died intestate. The inventory of his estate was made on 2 Mar 1761 by CHARLES LAWSON, THOMAS WILLIAMS, CHARLES HAMMOND and SAMUEL WILLIAMS. The inventory was recorded by LeROY PEACHEY in Richmond Co. Va. records. (fn 134)

Bond for the division of slaves and personal property was given on 13 July 1761 in Richmond Co. Va. by son WILLIAM3 DOBYNS, with wife SARAH voluntarily accepting a child's part. The bond named the following distributees: son CHARLES, son DANIEL, son THOMAS, son SAMUEL, WILLIAM BAKER by right of marriage to daughter ANN, CHARLES DOBYNS as recipient for EDWARD DOBYNS, and SARAH DOBYNS as guardian for ABNER and BETTY DOBYNS, infants. Division was made by JOHN WOODBRIDGE, JAMES DOWNMAN and LeROY HAMMOND on 13 July 1761. (fn 135)

SARAH DOBYNS rendered an account of her guardianship of ELIZABETH "BETTY" DOBYNS and ABNER DOBYNS on 20 Oct 1763. (fn 136) The estate settlement of GRIFFIN2 DOBYNS, brother to CHARLES2 DOBYNS, mentioned that certain property from the estate was "in the hands of SARAH DOBYNS, administratrix of CHARLES DOBYNS, deceased." This property had formerly been in the possession of CHARLES DOBYNS as administrator of GRIFFIN2 DOBYNS. (fn 137)

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CHILDREN of this marriage, born in Richmond Co. Va., were

WILLIAM3 DOBYNS b 5 Mar 1724/5, d between 8 Feb and 5 May 1804 (See ¶220)

CHARLES3 DOBYNS b 11 Dec 1727, d between 30 Oct 1780 and 1 Jan 1781 (See ¶292)

ANN3 DOBYNS b 12 Jan 1729, d before 26 July 1780 (See ¶369)

DANIEL3 DOBYNS b 21 May 1732, d between 15 Jan and 3 May 1784 (See ¶370)

THOMAS3 DOBYNS b 19 Feb 1734, d between 8 Feb 1788 and 1 Dec 1789 (See ¶373)

SAMUEL3 DOBYNS b 15 June 1738, d between 29 Dec 1781 and 4 Feb 1782 (See ¶328)

CATY3 DOBYNS b 11 Mar 1740 (fn 138)

EDWARD3 DOBYNS b 30 Dec 1743, d between 12 Oct 1788 and 5 Oct 1789 (See ¶376)

ABNER3 DOBYNS b 22 Aug 1746, d between 25 Mar 1802 and 1 Nov 1802 (See ¶389)

BETTY3 DOBYNS b 23 Aug 1749 (fn 139) (See ¶392A)


¶28 CATHERINE2 DOBYNS (DANIELI) (from ¶22) was born in Essex Co. Va. after 1688 and died on 10 Oct 1746, aged 58. In Dec 1712 in Essex Co. Va., she married JOHN HAMMOND (fn 140) (b Apr 1685, d 9 Apr 1764) son of JOB HAMMOND (b about 1646) and his wife ELIZABETH. On 12 July 1712 in Richmond Co. Va., this JOHN HAMMOND of North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co. Va., made a deed (indenture) to his brother-in-law GRIFFIN2 DOBYNS, selling 40 acres for 3320 pounds of tobacco. The deed was witnessed by EDWARD MORRIS and CHARLES2 DOBYNS (another brother-in-law) (fn 141)

CHILDREN of this marriage, as recorded in NFPR, were

BETTY3 HAMMOND, b 17 Oct 1713, d 24 Aug 1771 (See ¶47)
CHARLES3 HAMMOND, b 19 Nov 1716, d 15 Aug 1794 (See ¶48)
CATY3 HAMMOND, b 11 Jan 1719, d May 1780, m. Mr. BAILY
JOHN3 HAMMOND, b 5 Feb 1722, d 1781 (See ¶58)
DANIEL3 HAMMOND, b 27 Apr 1726, d 20 Mar 1733
LeROY3 HAMMOND, b 18 Feb 1728, d 25 May 1790 (See ¶57)
WINIFRED3 HAMMOND, b 6 June 1732, d 16 Feb 1775 unmarried


¶29 GRIFFIN2 DOBYNS (DANIELI) (from ¶22) was born about 1705, probably in Essex Co. Va. His mother was ELIZABETH BILLINGTON, the third wife of his father DANIELI DOBYNS. GRIFFIN2 DOBYNS married MARY ANN ----, probably about 1730. They lived in North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co. Va., and their family records are in the register of that parish. GRIFFIN2 DOBYNS died intestate on 10 Feb 1749/50 and his wife MARY ANN DOBYNS died two days later, on 12 Feb 1749/50. (fn 142)

The orphans of GRIFFIN2 DOBYNS then chose or had chosen for them guardians. The oldest child, ELIZABETH3 DOBYNS chose WILLIAM SMITH as her guardian on 6 Mar 1749/50. (fn 143) The next child, MARY ANN3 DOBYNS, chose HENRY MISKELL as her guardian on 4 Feb 1750/51. (fn 144) The third child, DRURY3 DOBYNS, died at about the same time as his parents. The fourth child, SAMUEL3 DOBYNS, became the ward of his uncle CHARLES2 DOBYNS, who apprenticed him on 1 Apr 1751 to THOMAS WILLIAMS, bricklayer. (fn 145) CHARLES2 DOBYNS was also appointed guardian, along with WILLIAM BAKER and JOHN SPAN WEBB, of GRIFFIN3 DOBYNS. (fn 146)


ELIZABETH "BETTY"3 DOBYNS b 2 Mar 1731/2 (NFPR p 24)
MARY ANN3 DOBYNS b 24 Oct 1733 (NFPR p 24)
DRURY3 DOBYNS b 2 Feb 1735/6, d 15 Feb 1749/50 (NFPR pp 27 & 109)
SAMUEL3 DOBYNS b 8 Sept 1740 (NFPR p 108) (See ¶551)
GRIFFIN3 DOBYNS b 23 Apr 1743 (NFPR p 108) (See ¶393)


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¶30 DRURY2 DOBYNS (DANIELI) (from ¶22) was born in Essex Co. Va. after 1703 and probably died in 1768. He married ESTER ----.

At some time before 1756, DRURY2 DOBYNS moved to St. David's Parish, King William Co. Va. On 16 Feb 1756, describing himself as a resident thereof, he purchased land from THOMAS EDMONDSON, Jr. and GRIZZEL his wife in South Farnham Parish, Essex Co. Va., on part of Dragon's Swamp. (fn 147) He apparently moved back to Essex Co., because he drew his will there on 3 June 1759. In the will he named his wife ESTER DOBYNS and his sons THOMAS and JOHN, with a provision that "after wife's decease estate to be equally divided between my fore children." The will was signed by mark "DRUERRY DOBYNS and was proved on 15 Aug 1768. (fn 148)

CHILDREN of DRURY2 DOBYNS, named in the will of JOHN3 DOBYNS his son, were

JOHN3 DOBYNS (See ¶44)
MARY3 DOBYNS (See ¶46)


¶31 ISAAC2 DOBYNS (DANIELI) (from ¶22) was born before his father DANIELI DOBYNS drew his will on 12 Feb 1712, naming ISAAC as one of "my three younger sons". He married ELIZABETH ----. The administration of his estate was by bond signed by ELIZABETH DOBYNS, JOHN PAGE, and JOHN HARDEE, given and recorded in Essex Co. Court on 17 May 1737. (fn 149) Inventory and appraisal of the estate were on 21 June 1737. (fn 150)

It seems that ELIZABETH DOBYNS who gave the following deed may have been the widow of ISAAC2 DOBYNS. The deed dated 20 June 1738 from ELIZABETH to ADCOCK HUDSON conveyed one acre of land in Essex Co. Va., adjoining the old mill which was granted to the said ELIZABETH DOBYNS by order of the Court in order to rebuild the said old mill. (fn 151)

No CHILDREN have been identified.


¶32 JOHN BATTEN3 DOBYNS (RICHARD2, DANIELI) (from ¶23) was born in Essex Co. Va., probably about 1710. On 13 Jan 1730 he witnessed the will of his uncle, WILLIAM2 DOBYNS. (fn 152) On 24 Jan 1738 JOHN BATTEN DOBYNS began selling his lands in Essex Co., by transferring one hundred acres. (fn 153) He sold other lands in Essex Co. on 26 Jan 1739, (fn 154) on 17 Mar 1739, (fn 155) and on 8 Aug 1741. (fn 156)

His conveyance on 18 July 1741 (fn 157) proves that JOHN BATTEN3 DOBYNS was a son of RICHARD2 DOBYNS (DANIELI). This conveyance was an indenture, written 18 July 1741 by JOHN BATING DOBBINS of Essex Co. Va. to DANIEL DOBYNS, for part of the tract that he the said JOHN BATING dwelled on, formerly "belonging to RICHARD DOBYNS decd, father of the aforesaid JOHN BATTING DOBYNS." Delivery was by turf and twig on 18 July 1741, indicating that the conveyance served only as a record of transfer of the land by the old-style livery of seizen. The indenture was signed by JOHN BATTING DOBYNS and "his present wife SARAH relinquished dower rights." The indenture was recorded on 20 Oct 1741.

The name of JOHN BATTEN2 DOBYNS disappears completely from Essex Co. records after his lands were sold. The date of his removal to Brunswick Co. Va. is not known, but his will was drawn in St. Andrews Parish there on 26 Oct 1772. (fn 158) The will named his cousins FRANCES and JESSEE BRUMBELOW, (fn 159) sons JOHN, CHARLES, and MOSES, and daughters ANNE, RACHEL and BETTY. The will was proved and ordered recorded on 22 Mar 1773.

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JOHN4 DOBYNS (See ¶33)
possibly BATTEN4 DOBYNS (See ¶34)


¶33 JOHN4 DOBYNS (JOHN BATTEN3, RICHARD2, DANIELI) drew his will in Brunswick Co. Va. on 4 Jan 1777, which was proved on 28 Feb 1785. (fn 160) In the will, he left his daughter TABITHA one shilling, all the rest of his estate both real and person to his daughter CATY, and he appointed his brother MOSES4 DOBBINS his executor. The will was witnessed by HUGH WILLIAMS, JOHN MATTHEWS, and BATTEN DOBBINS, who was possibly his brother.




¶34 BATTEN4 DOBYNS (from ¶32) is tentatively placed as son of JOHN BATTEN3 DOBYNS (RICHARD2, DANIELI) (from ¶32) based upon sparse circumstantial evidence. He was witness to the will of JOHN3 DOBYNS (See ¶33), who was possibly his brother. If he was the son of JOHN BATTEN3 DOBYNS, he was not mentioned in his father's will. He moved to Bedford Co. Va., where he and his wife FRANCES conveyed lands on 23 Oct 1781, 25 Feb 1787, and 28 Sept 1801. Three years later, on 13 June 1804, having moved to to Muhlenberg Co. Ky., he drew his will there. He named his wife FRANCES and children JOHN, LEW, ELIZABETH, NANCY, SUSANNAH, KITTY, POLLY, and WASHINGTON. The will was recorded during the May 1806 term of the Muhlenberg Co. Ky court. (fn 161)


JOHN5 DOBYNS (See ¶35)

LEW5 DOBYNS (See ¶36)

WASHINGTON5 DOBYNS, a minor in 1804



SUSANNAH5 DOBYNS b 10 Mar 1791 Bedford Co. Va. d 21 June 1869 Hampstead, Ark., m 21 Nov 1809 to ELIJAH STUART, Muhlenberg Co. Ky. (fn 162)



POLLY W.5 DOBYNS m 4 Aug 1814 to GEORGE F. SMITH (fn 163)


¶35 JOHN5 DOBYNS (BATTEN4, JOHN BATTEN3, RICHARD2, DANIELI) (from ¶34) was probably born in Bedford Co. Va. by 1782. He was married to THEODOTIA ---- in Muhlenberg Co. Ky. by 1802, the year his eldest child was born. On 28 July 1806 and 26 Aug 1806, JOHN DOBYNS was granted a power of attorney "to transact business in the state of Virginia" for SAMUEL MOORE and THOMAS LITTLEPAGE. In Aug 1810 he submitted his guardian's report for the accounts of three of the younger children of his father BATTEN DOBYNS deceased. The children were KITTY, POLLY W., and WASHINGTON DOBYNS. (fn 164) First Lieutenant JOHN DOBYNS and his wife THEODOTIA had five children, none of whom have been identified. He [Begin original page 34] died in Muhlenberg Co. Ky. "In Nov 1813 on his return from an expedition in upper Canady under the command of his Excellency ISAAC SHELBY (later Governor of Kentucky) against the Brittish and their Indian allies" according to a court deposition by his brother LEW DOBYNS dated 8 July 1816. (fn 165) His widow THEODOTIA received a pension of $15.00 per month (later increased) for his military service, commencing on 1 Dec 1815, in Hopkins Co. Ky. Inventory of the estate of Lt. JOHN DOBYNS was dated 17 Jan 1814. (fn 166)

No CHILDREN have been identified, although there were five.


¶36 LEW5 DOBYNS (BATTEN4, JOHN BATTEN3, RICHARD2, DANIELI) (from ¶34) was born in Bedford Co. Va. He was a physician, a farmer, Justice of the Peace and a colonel in the Kentucky militia. He was of age by 1810, when during the August session of the Muhlenberg Co. Va. court, he was named as "guardian to SALLY Q. DOBYNS, orphan of BATTEN DOBYNS decd." (fn 167) He married (1st) in Muhlenberg Co. ANN ANDERSON, daughter of ROBERT ANDERSON who was born in Virginia and moved to Muhlenberg Co. ANN ANDERSON died about 1823, and LEW married a second time. He died in 1845 in Muhlenberg Co.

He had three CHILDREN, the second child being a son

D.R.D.6 DOBYNS (See ¶37)


¶37 D.R.D.6 DOBYNS (LEW5, BATTEN4, JOHN BATTEN3, RICHARD2, DANIELI) (from ¶36) was born in Muhlenberg Co. Ky. in 1814. At the age of 15, he became a horseback mail carrier in Tennessee and Georgia, and kept this job for four years. In 1836 in Rutherford Co. Tenn, he married MATILDA WADLEY, daughter of JOHN and MARY WADLEY. She died in Kentucky in 1845, leaving two children, both of whom apparently died young. He then married in Christian Co. Ky. to M.E. THOMPSON, daughter of JOHN W. and NANCY THOMPSON. They had four children, all of whom apparently died young. D.R.D. DOBYNS was president of the Cruce Banking Company of El Dorado Springs, Mo. (fn 168)


¶38 BOWLER3 DOBYNS (DANIEL2, DANIELI) (from ¶24) was probably born in Brunswick Co. Va. where he died intestate. An inventory of his estate was made in 1774. (Brunswick Co. WB 4 p 236)

He probably left one SON, who was



¶39 BOWLER4 DOBYNS (BOWLER3, DANIEL2, DANIELI) (from ¶38) was listed in the 1800 Brunswick Co. as being a male over 16 years of age. (fn 169) By Brunswick Co. Va. marriage bond dated 23 Aug 1802, he married JANE HEARNE. (fn 170)


¶40 THOMAS3 DOBYNS (DANIEL2, DANIELI) (from ¶24) moved from Essex Co. Va. to Caroline Co. Va., where he married FRANCES BERRY GOLDING (b 11 Nov 1721), daughter of JOSEPH BERRY of Stafford Co. Va. and widow of THOMAS GOLDING. (fn 171) THOMAS DOBYNS died in 1748, leaving an informal will which was refused probate. (fn 172) Accordingly, it was necessary to divide the estate without a will, and on 3 Mar 1769, EDWARD4 DOBYNS, son of THOMAS3 DOBYNS, FRANCES DAVIS widow of THOMAS3 DOBYNS, and JAMES DAVIS her then husband, joined in a deed to convey certain property from the estate to CATHERINE4 DOBYNS daughter of THOMAS3 DOBYNS. (fn 173) At the time of this deed, EDWARD4 DOBYNS was over 21 and CATHERINE4 DOBYNS was under 21 and unmarried.

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Proof that this THOMAS DOBYNS was the same as the THOMAS3 DOBYNS who was the son of DANIEL2 DOBYNS (DANIELI) is found in several Essex Co. Va. documents. On 1 Dec 1755 RICHARD DOBYNS of Essex Co. Va. conveyed to BOWLER DOBYNS certain land in South Farnham Parish, Essex Co. Va., bounded on the south by land belonging to the orphans of THOMAS DOBYNS. These were probably three sons of DANIEL2 DOBYNS (DANIELI), all owning adjacent property. (fn 174) On 5 Nov 1760 RICHENS (probably RICHARD3) DOBYNS of Elizabeth City Co. Va conveyed land in South Farnham Parish, Essex Co. Va., bounded by the land of EDWARD DOBYNS, to JOHN BROOCKE, Jr. (fn 175) EDWARD3 DOBYNS, although only 13, had already inherited the land of his late father THOMAS3 DOBYNS. In 1769 EDWARD4 DOBYNS and FRANCES DAVIS acknowledged their deed for certain land, probably that referred to in the previous deed, conveyed to JOHN BROOKE, Jr., who had previously purchased what was probably the adjacent land. (fn 176)

Previously, on 18 Aug 1760, RICHENS DOBYNS, probably RICHARD3 DOBYNS, uncle of EDWARD4 DOBYNS, moved that the Essex Co. Va. Court order the sheriff of King George Co. Va. to summon EDWARD4 DOBYNS, orphan of THOMAS3 DOBYNS decd, to appear and declare if he would make JOSEPH STROTHER his guardian. (fn 177) This seems to indicate a close relationship, consistent with RICHARD3 DOBYNS being the uncle of EDWARD4 DOBYNS, proving that THOMAS3 DOBYNS was the son of DANIEL2 DOBYNS.




¶41 CATHERINE4 DOBYNS (THOMAS3, DANIEL2, DANIELI) (from ¶40) was born about 1748 and died on 2 Mar 1794. By King George Co. Va. marriage bond dated 9 Apr 1772, she married AARON THORNLEY (b 1750, d 29 July 1821) of "White Plains," King George Co. Va., son of AARON THORNLEY and his wife ANN WOFFENDALE of Hanover Parish, King George Co. Va.


¶42 RICHARD3 DOBYNS (DANIEL2, DANIELI) (from ¶24) was an adult by 1 Dec 1755 when he conveyed fifty acres in Essex Co. Va. to his brother BOWLER3 DOBYNS. The land was bounded on the east by the property of ABNER3 DOBYNS, son of WILLIAM2 DOBYNS (DANIELI), and on the south by the land of the orphans of his brother THOMAS2 DOBYNS. The deed was proved on 18 May 1756. (fn 178) RICHARD3 DOBYNS may be the same RICHARD DOBBINS, an inhabitant of Brunswick Co. Va., who in Sept 1758, furnished provision for the Brunswick Co. militia. (fn 179)

On 18 Aug 1760, RICHUS (sic) DOBYNS petitioned the sheriff of King George Co. Va. regarding a guardianship for his nephew EDWARD4 DOBYNS, son of THOMAS3 DOBYNS, deceased. (fn 180) By 5 Nov 1760 he was residing in Elizabeth City Co. Va., having sold land in Essex Co. to JOHN BROOKE, Jr., which land was bounded by the property of EDWARD BOWMAR (to whom DANIEL2 DOBYNS, father of RICHARD3 DOBYNS, had left four acres in his will). The deed was proved on 17 Nov 1760. (fn 181) JOHN BROOCKE, Jr. also bought land from EDWARD4 DOBYNS, son of RICHARD3 DOBYNS' brother THOMAS3 DOBYNS in Essex Co. Va. on 19 June 1769. (fn 182)

No CHILDREN identified.


¶43 WILLIAM3 DOBYNS (DANIEL2, DANIELI) (from ¶24) may have moved to Frederick Col. Va. A deed of gift from WILLIAM DOBYNS of Frederick Co. Va. to THOMAS HOW and MARY his wife conveyed a lot in Frederickstown and his mill. The deed was dated 23 Jan 1748, and was acknowledged on 7 Feb 1748. (fn 183)


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¶44 JOHN3 DOBYNS (DRURY2, DANIELI) (from ¶30) of South Farnham Parish, Essex Co. Va., by deed (fn 184) dated 20 Mar 1780, conveyed to THOMAS DOBYNS of the same county and parish, 50 acres for £31/5/0. THOMAS was apparently the brother of JOHN3 DOBYNS.

On 24 June 1783, JOHN3 DOBYNS drew his will in Essex Co. Va., (fn 185) which was recorded on 19 May 1783. In the will he made an indirect bequest to his brother THOMAS, a direct bequest to his sister SARAH and to each of her children LEWIS DUNN, MARY DUNN, ABNER DUNN, ELIZABETH DUNN, and WILLIAM DUNN, and a direct bequest to his sister MARY and to her two children WILLIAM JORDAN and THOMAS JORDAN. The executor was EDMOND DUNN and the witnesses were SPENCER DUNN and CORNELIUS BROWN.

No wife or CHILDREN have been identified.


¶45 SARAH3 DOBYNS (DRURY2, DANIELI) (from ¶30) married Mr. DUNN (probably EDMOND DUNN) (fn 186)




¶46 MARY3 DOBYNS (DRURY2, DANIELI) (from ¶30) married Mr. JORDAN. (fn 187)




¶47 BETTY3 HAMMOND (CATHERINE2, DANIELI) (from ¶28) was born in Richmond Co. Va. on 17 Oct 1713. (NFPR) On 13 Aug 1739 in Richmond Co., she married JOHN HILL. (NFPR)

CHILDREN of this marriage, recorded in NFPR, were

CATY4 HILL b 26 Feb 1740
CHARLES4 HILL b 31 Dec 1742
ANN4 HILL b 4 Apr 1745
LEROY4 HILL b 29 Mar 1749
JOSEPH4 HILL b 29 Apr 1751


¶48 CHARLES3 HAMMOND (CATHERINE2, DANIELI) (from ¶28) was born on 19 Nov 1716 in Richmond Co. Va. (NFPR) He married ELIZABETH STEELE, his second cousin, daughter of SAMUEL STEEL and CATHERINE HAMMOND, who was born 23 Oct 1721 and died 3 July 1798. CHARLES HAMMOND was Secretary of the Virginia House of Delegates before the Revolution. At the commencement of the Revolution, he moved to South Carolina and eventually settled on Fox's Creek, near Augusta, Ga. He had five sons engaged in the Revolution and was himself a Whig. He died at Fox's Creek on 15 Aug 1794.


JOHN4 HAMMOND b 25 Apr 1745, d May 1799 (See ¶50)
CHARLES4 HAMMOND b 18 Nov 1747 (See ¶49)
ABNER4 HAMMOND b 31 Mar 1751, d 25 Aug 1756 (See ¶56)
EPAPHRODITUS4 HAMMOND b 17 June 1753, d 17 Aug 1754
SARA4 HAMMOND b 2 June 1755, d 11 May 1818 (See ¶54)
SAMUEL4 HAMMOND b 21 Sept 1757, d 11 Sept 1842 (See ¶55)
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GEORGE4 HAMMOND b 15 Nov 1759, d 6 May 1790
ABNER4 HAMMOND b 25 Jan 1762, d Aug 1829
CATY4 HAMMOND b 30 Dec 1763, d 11 May 1842
BETTY4 HAMMOND b 2 Sept 1768, d 10 Sept 1864


¶49 CHARLES4 HAMMOND (CHARLES3, CATHERINE2, DANIELI) (from ¶48) was born on 18 Nov 1747. He married MARY EDIS of England who died early. He moved with his father's family to S.C. and died of smallpox while serving in the Revolution


NANCY5 HAMMOND died young
MARY EDIS5 HAMMOND died unmarried


¶50 JOHN4 HAMMOND (CHARLES3, CATHERINE2, DANIELI) (from ¶48) was born on 25 Apr 1745. He was married twice. He was shot in his home by an unknown assailant and died at Campbellton in May 1799.

CHILDREN by his first wife were


His CHILD by his second wife was



¶51 CHARLES5 HAMMOND (JOHN4, CHARLES3, CATHERINE2, DANIELI) (from ¶50) married POLLY GARRETT. He died about 1840.

Their CHILDREN were



¶52 CHARLES GOODWIN6 HAMMOND (CHARLES5, JOHN4, CHARLES3, CATHERINE2, DANIELI) (from ¶51) married FRANCES ANN CRAFTON on 18 Dec 1845, as his second wife. His first wife was named JULIA.

CHILD by the first marriage was


CHILDREN by the second marriage were

JAMES COOK7 HAMMOND b 22 Sept 1846, d 23 Feb 1911
AUGUSTA GEORGIA7 HAMMOND b 23 May 1853, d 5 May 1915
CHARLES7 HAMMOND b 14 Sept 1851, d 14 Nov 1852
WILLIAM HENRY7 HAMMOND b 2 June 1853, d 24 Mar 1927
THOMAS PETER7 HAMMOND b 28 Jan 1855, d 16 Sept 1908
MARGARET ANNA7 HAMMOND b 14 Feb 1859, d 30 Sept 1874
EUGENIA PAULINE7 HAMMOND b 6 May 1865, d 5 Feb 1942


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¶53 MARY ANN DOUGLASS5 HAMMOND (JOHN4, CHARLES3, CATHERINE2, DANIELI) (from ¶50) married Capt. WILLIAM BARNES of Augusta, Ga., who died early. She died in 1845 in Russell Co. Ala.

Their CHILDREN were

MARY6 BARNES m. Dr. DUGAS of Augusta, Ga.


¶54 SARA4 HAMMOND (CHARLES3, CATHERINE2, DANIELI) (from 48) was born on 2 June 1755 and died on 11 May 1818. She married her cousin Capt. JOSHUA HAMMOND, who served in the Revolution, and who was born on 1 Jan 1757 and died in 1853. There were children.


¶55 SAMUEL4 HAMMOND (CHARLES3, CATHERINE2, DANIELI) (from 48) was born on 21 Sept 1757 and died on 11 Sept 1842. He married (1st) REBECCA ELBERT RHAE, sister of Gen. SAMUEL ELBERT, Governor of Georgia, and widow of Col. JOHN RHAE of Rhae's Hall, near Savannah, Ga. She died on 1798. On 25 May 1802 he married (2nd) ELIZA AMELIA O'KEEFE, daughter of Sir HUGH O'KEEFE and MARGARET ELEANOR LINCOLN, emigrants from Munster, Ireland.

Only CHILD of the first marriage was


CHILDREN of the second marriage were

CHARLES LINCOLN5 HAMMOND b 19 Nov 1806, m. SARAH REYNOLDS in 1833. Both killed by Indians in Alabama in 1836


ABNER LEWIS5 HAMMOND b 18 Sept 1813, m. KATHERINE BARSH. He was a surgeon, C.S.A.




¶56 ABNER4 HAMMOND (CHARLES3, CATHERINE2, DANIELI) (from ¶48) was born on 25 Jan 1762 and was drowned in August 1829. He was a soldier in the Revolution, a member of the legislature from Louisville, and Secretary of State. He was married twice, his second wife being SARAH DUDLEY.

CHILDREN of the first marriage were

GEORGE5 HAMMOND, killed while deputy sheriff of St. Louis, Mo.
SUSAN5 HAMMOND, m. Col WRIGHT of Louisville

CHILDREN of the second marriage were



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¶57 LeROY3 HAMMOND (CATHERINE2, DANIELI) (from ¶28) was born on 18 Feb 1728 in Virginia and died on 25 May 1790 in S.C. He moved from Va. to S.C., where he settled on the Savannah River, a few miles from Augusta, Ga. about 1765. He married MARY ANN TYLER of Va. He was a Regimental commander during the Indian Wars and during the Revolution. He afterwards served in both branches of the S.C. legislature.

The only CHILD was



¶58 JOHN3 HAMMOND (CATHERINE2, DANIELI) (from ¶28) was born on 5 Feb 1722 in Richmond Co. Va. and died in Jan 1781 at Cherokee Ponds, Edgefield Co. S.C. About 1742/3 in Richmond Co. Va. he married ANN HIGHTOWER, daughter of JOSHUA and SUSANNAH HIGHTOWER of Richmond Co. Family tradition says that ANN HIGHTOWER HAMMOND died in N.C. about 1765, en route from Va. to the family's new home in S.C. and was buried in N.C.


CATHERINE4 HAMMOND b 6 Mar 1746 (NFPR) (See ¶59)
JOHN4 HAMMOND b 17 Dec 1750 (NFPR)
ANN4 HAMMOND b 22 May 1753 (NFPR)
JOSHUA4 HAMMOND b 1 Jan 1758 d 1853 m. SARA HAMMOND


¶59 CATHERINE4 HAMMOND (JOHN3, CATHERINE2, DANIELI) (from ¶58) was born in Richmond Co. Va. on 6 Mar 1746. She married WOOD HINTON of Amelia Co. Va., the youngest son of CHRISTOPHER HINTON and MARGARET JONES his wife. WOOD HINTON died intestate in Mecklenburg Co. Va. in 1794, and CATHERINE died there in 1799.

CHILDREN included

NANCY5 HINTON b in Va on 15 Dec 1776 (See ¶60)

JOHN5 HINTON m. SARAH REBECCA HAMMOND, daughter of JOSHUA HAMMOND. He moved to Columbus, Ga.

WOOD LeROY5 HINTON m. SARAH BURSON, lived in Jackson Co. Ga.


¶60 NANCY5 HINTON (CATHERINE4, JOHN3, CATHERINE2, DANIELI) (from ¶59) was born in Va. on 15 Dec 1776. On 15 Dec 1793 in Va., she married JOHN RANDOLPH, who was born on [corrected] 16 Nov 1773 in Va. NANCY died in Jackson Co. Ga. in 1848 and JOHN died there on 4 Feb 1855.

Their CHILDREN were

FRANCES6 RANDOLPH b 12 Mar 1795 in Va., died young













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¶61 JOSHUA HAMMOND6 RANDOLPH (NANCY5, CATHERINE4, JOHN3, CATHERINE2, DANIELI) (from ¶60) was born in Abbeville District, S.C. on 15 Aug 1805. He moved with his parents to Jackson Co. Ga. about 1806/7, where he died on 26 Dec 1860 at his home in Jefferson. On 11 Oct 1827 he married NANCY OLIVER, daughter of ELIJAH OLIVER and MARY STANSBURY HICKS his wife. NANCY was born in Ga. on 28 Mar 1808 and died at Jefferson, Jackson Co. Ga. on 13 Nov 1877. JOSHUA was a merchant and planter.

Their CHILDREN were






SARAH JANE7 RANDOLPH b 17 June 1839 (See ¶63)

HILLIARD JUDGE7 RANDOLPH b 1841 d 1923 m. (1st) CORNELIA MOON, m. (2nd) a widow Mrs. LANAR




¶62 FRANCES ELIZABETH7 RANDOLPH (JOSHUA H.6, NANCY5, CATHERINE4, JOHN3, CATHERINE2, DANIELI) (from ¶61) was born on 22 Jan 1849 and died on 13 Dec 1925. On 22 Jan 1867 she married WILEY CHANDLER HOWARD, who was born on 23 Nov 1838 and died in 1931.

Their CHILD was



¶63 SARAH JANE7 RANDOLPH (JOSHUA H.6, NANCY5, CATHERINE4, JOHN3, CATHERINE2, DANIELI) (from ¶61) was born on 17 June 1839 and died on 21 Feb 1882. On 26 Apr 1855 she married DAVID MITCHELL BURNS, Jr., who was born on 21 Oct 1825 and died on 12 May 1857. Then, on 9 Feb 1862, she married Rev. ADORIRAN JUDSON KELLY, who was born on 6 Oct 1831 and died on 7 Nov 1906. Rev. KELLY was the son of SAMUEL KELLY and his wife MARY HARRY of Macon Co. N.C.

CHILD of the first marriage was

MITCHELL H.8 BURNS b 8 Feb 1856

CHILDREN of the second marriage were

BESSIE8 KELLY b 13 Nov 1862, d Jan 1883, m. R.S. HOWARD on 26 Jan 1881, one child who died in infancy

LEARY8 KELLY b 26 Nov 1866, d 3 Dec 1897 w/o issue

GARY8 KELLY b 19 Mar 1869, d 27 June 1902 w/o issue

JAMES POLK8 KELLY, b 31 Dec 1870 (See ¶64)

SAMUEL8 KELLY, b 4 Sept 1874, d 11 Aug 1934, m. 30 Dec 1895 to JANIE MAY HANCOCK

JUDSON8 KELLY b 25 Oct 1877, d 21 Jan 1900 w/o issue


¶64 JAMES POLK8 KELLY (SARAH J.7, JOSHUA H.6, NANCY5, CATHERINE4, JOHN3, CATHERINE2, DANIELI) (from ¶61) was born in Jefferson, Jackson Co. Ga. on 31 Dec 1870 and died in Atlanta, Ga. on 13 Dec 1933. On 30 Nov 1898 in Jefferson, Ga., he married VIRGINIA INEZ MEANS, daughter of Prof. THOMPSON MEANS and LUCILLE MORRIS BROWN his wife. VIRGINIA was born in Barnesville, Ga. on 11 Feb 1876 and died in Atlanta, Ga. on 25 Oct 1927.

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Their CHILDREN were

SARAH LUCILLE9 KELLY, b 26 Oct 1899 in Jefferson, Ga., m. (1st) JAMES RIVERS DAY on 16 Aug 1916. One son JAMES RIVERS [10] DAY b. 1 June 1917. She m. (2nd) AUBREY MAURICE GATES. She d 9 Apr 1939 in Daytona Beach, Fla.

ALICE LOUISE9 KELLY, b 9 Feb 1909 in Jefferson Ga., m. 24 Nov 1927 to Dr. JAMES WYLIE CROWDER of Chester, S.C., born there 22 July 1902, three sons, JAMES WYLIE [10] CROWDER (b. 28 Mar 1931, m. 26 Nov 1954 to MARY SIMPSON CARPENTER, two children JAMES WYLIE [11] CROWDER, b 13 July 1963 and WILLIAM RANDOLPH [11] CROWDER, b 6 Apr 1968), RICHARD LEICESTER [10] CROWDER b 12 Mar 1937, d 1 Jan 1960, and ROBERT RANDOLPH [10] CROWDER, b 6 Aug 1944


¶65 HILLIARD JAMES6 RANDOLPH (NANCY5, CATHERINE4, JOHN3, CATHERINE2, DANIELI) (from ¶60) was born on 15 Sept 1811 and married ELIZA HARRISON. They had at least one son, JOHN T. W.7 RANDOLPH, born about 1837-38 in Jackson Co. Ga., m. on 8 Feb 1866 to EMILY C. DANIEL, and died between 1871 and 1876. They had two children including ELIZA FRANCES8 RANDOLPH, b 22 Jan 1871 at Talmo, Jackson Co. Ga., d 21 Dec 1940 at Abilene, Taylor Co., Texas. On 4 Apr 1886, she married ROBERT DAVID EDEN and had at least one daughter, DORA JANE9 EDEN b 5 Apr 1892 at Atlanta, Ga., d 7 Aug 1953 at Sweetwater, Nolan Co. Texas. On 29 June 1912 she married JOHN LEWIS SMILEY and had at least one daughter BETTYE [10] SMILEY, b 28 Feb 1919, who married JOHN ELTON FRANKS on 20 July 1954.

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