Kenneth W. Dobyns

The earliest information on the family of John Friar Hall comes from information first recorded 130 years later. See the Eisemon papers for the source of this information. We do not have contemporary documentary evidence for some of this. Nevertheless, here is the family tradition


¶1 John Friar Hall was born 16 Oct 1768 in Loudoun Co VA and died 15 Oct 1850 in Amherst Co VA. His father was James Hall and his mother's maiden name was Friar, Fryar, Fryer, or Frier. She died in 1773 in Alexandria VA. There is a suggestion that John Friar Hall's grandmother was named Moon.

James Hall remarried and settled in Franklin Co VA, where John Friar Hall acquired real estate which he later exchanged for real estate in Amherst Co. Some family tradition, supported partly by Amherst Co records, states that John Friar Hall moved from Franklin Co to Amherst Co in 1802. On 9 May 1803 in Amherst Co John Friar Hall married his first cousin, Betsy Hall, daughter of Moses Hall. Betsy was born about 1778 and died on 2 May 1853. (from grave stone on a farm in Amherst Co VA)

This information suggests that James Hall and Moses Hall were brothers. I have been unable to verify anything concerning the Halls prior to their appearance in Amherst Co. Early tithe records of Loudoun Co do show James Hall and Moses Hall, apparently in the same household, and also show John Friar in a separate household. That is the full extent of the verification of the tradition prior to what is in the Amherst Co records.

Family tradition says that James Hall was married twice, and that John Friar Hall was the eldest son by his first wife. John Friar Hall did not get along with James Hall's second wife and left home on that account. James Hall was said to have been a stout man. He was at a mill on one occasion, crossing the mill race on a plank while carrying a very heavy load on his shoulder. When he was about half way across, the plank began to slip and he tried to jump the remaining distance. He failed and as he went down, one of the grate bars went deeply into his leg and into his side and could easily have killed him. John Friar Hall related that when he left home, his father still had the grate bar and would show it and relate his narrow escape to all who came to see him.

There were Halls in Amherst Co beginning by 1785, but their relationship to John Friar Hall is unclear. An individual named John Hall bought 300 acres on the north branches of the Pedlar River in Amherst Co in 1785 (DB F p 217), but this is unlikely to be John Friar Hall, who would have been only 17 at the time. An individual named John Hall and his wife Elizabeth sold 150 acres of different land on Stony Creek of Rockfish River in 1789 (DB F p 323). This could have been John Friar Hall and a first wife named Elizabeth, but there is no evidence for this other than a similar name. Moses Hall and wife Mary sold some land on the south branches of Buffalo River and Horsley's Creek in 1794 (DB G p 450), and these might well have been the parents of Betsy Hall, wife of John Friar Hall. The first clear appearance of John Friar Hall was the sale in Oct 1802 by William Hall of Amherst Co and Polly his wife to John Fryer Hall of 40 acres on Pedlar River (DB I p 429).

James Hall, who possibly might have been the father of John Friar Hall, ran into financial difficulties in 1806 and 1807. James and Mazy his wife sold land and personal property in 1806, 1807 and 1808 to or for the benefit of David and James Garland (DB K p 208, DB L p 6, and DB L p 110)

Moses Hall sold some additional land to John Friar Hall in 1809 (DB L p 270). Moses Hall Sr and Hannah his wife sold some additional land in 1813 (DB M p 407).

Children of John Friar Hall and Betsy Hall:

David N. Hall, b 21 Jan 1806 (See ¶3)

Rhoda Elizabeth Hall, b 7 Sept 1807 (See ¶2)

Enoch Dawson Hall, b ca 1814, d June 1889 (See ¶4)

Harriet Ann Hall, b 7 Sept 1816, m John Hicks, b ca 1816, no children, both buried in Presbyterian Cemetery, Lynchburg VA, in unmarked graves

Charles L.B. Hall, b 2 Apr 1819, d Oct 1893 (See ¶6)

probably Eliza A. Hall, b ca 1822, d 1838 (from a grave stone on a farm in Amherst Co VA)

Fletcher D. Hall, d by 1891 (See ¶5)


¶2 Rhoda Elizabeth Hall (from ¶1) was born 7 Sept 1807 and died 16 July 1848. She married, as his first wife, Henry A. Hyman, born about 1813, died 4 Aug 1882. Henry Hyman enlisted in the Lynchburg (VA) Artillery in the Civil War and served until captured near the end of the war. He was a wagon maker.


John Henry Hyman b 11 Oct 1836, d 24 Nov 1876

Rhoda Elizabeth Hyman b 6 June 1842, d 24 Oct 1871 Dayton OH

William Pleasant Hyman b 26 Jan 1847

Samuel Benton Hyman b 11 Jul 1840 (See ¶13)


¶3 David N. Hall (from ¶1) was born 21 Jan 1806 and died before Mar 1891. He was a miller, farmer, and gardener. He married Sarah Ann Elizabeth Hicks on 31 Jan 1833 in Rockbridge Co VA. She was born 22 Aug 1818. They lived in Amherst Co VA for the 1850 and 1860 censuses, and were in Lynchburg VA for the 1870 and 1880 censuses.


Fletcher Ludwell Hall, possibly Fletcher F. Hall, b 8 Jul 1834, d 24 Feb 1915 in the Soldiers Home, Richmond VA. He was a stone cutter and married m America W. --, b ca 1847. He served in the Confederate Army as a private in Capt. Shoemaker's company, Virginia Horse Artillery, Lynchburg Light Artillery Regiment, from 1862 to the end of the war. In 1870 he lived in Lynchburg next door to his sister Martha Jane Hall Seay. In 1910 he was living in Lynchburg with his niece Lula Eisemon.

John Wesley Hall, b 8 Feb 1843 and died after 9 May 1891. He was a bridge builder. He served in the Confederate Army from 1862 to the end of the war in the Lynchburg Light Artillery Regiment.

Charles Lee Hall (See ¶56)

Martha Jane Hall, b ca 1848 (See ¶42)

William Walker Hall, b ca 1853, tobacco worker (See ¶57 )


¶4 Enoch Dawson Hall (from ¶1) was born about 1814 and died in June 1889. He married Ann, born about 1824.


Emilia "Emma" E. Hall, b ca 1843 (See ¶18)
Alice J. Hall, b ca 1845 (See ¶17)
Victoria C. Hall, b ca 1848, apparently died young
John Fletcher Hall, residence Buena Vista VA (See ¶44)
Zuleika Hall m Mr Day
Flora W. Hall m George Mayberry, residence Lynchburg VA


¶5 Fletcher D. Hall (from ¶1) married Martha Jane Allen on 20 Sept 1838 in Lynchburg VA. She was born about 1822. He was a wagon maker. They had only one child.

Mary F. Hall, b ca 1840, m Alfred G. Bateman on 11 Jun 1861 in Logan OH. Their son was Alfred Gilmore Bateman of Louisville KY


¶6 Charles L.B. Hall (from ¶1) was born 2 Apr 1819 and died in Oct 1893. On 15 May 1851 he married Martha Caroline Butterworth, born 15 Aug 1830, died Sept 1885. Both are buried in Presbyterian Cemetery, Lynchburg VA. Charles Hall was caretaker of the Presbyterian Cemetery for many years.


Charles Talliferro Hall, b 15 Aug 1854, d 24 May 1929 (See ¶11)

James Edwin Hall, b 18 Nov 1857, d 27 Nov 1913 (See ¶7)

John W. Hall, b 15 Jul 1860

Ann E. Hall, b 26 Jan 1863

William Norman Hall, b 4 Aug 1865, d 9 Jul 1947, m Nannie Page, b 3 Apr 1864, d 12 Dec 1950, both buried in Presbyterian Cemetery, Lynchburg VA, no children

Isaac Samuel Hall, b 11 Oct 1868 (See ¶12)


¶7 James Edwin Hall (from ¶6) was born 18 Nov 1857 and died 27 Nov 1913. He married Flora Thomas Pugh, born 18 Nov 1858, died 16 May 1927. annotation


Herbert Marion Hall b 28 May 1882 d 3 Jan 1946 (See ¶8)

Nora Estelle Hall b 21 Oct 1884 (See her descendants in The Mason Family of Campbell Co VA)

Nellie Odelle Hall b 21 Oct 1884 d 19 Aug 1894 of typhoid

Vivian Lee Hall b 16 Sept 1887 d 1 May 1915 (See ¶9)

Edwin Pitman Hall b 31 Oct 1889 d 8 Nov 1890 of typhoid

Eugene Luther Hall b Aug 1897 d 4 Jul 1927, drowned, no children

James Thomas Hall b 19 Mar 1901 d 30 Apr 1988 (See ¶19)


¶8 Herbert Marion Hall (from ¶7) was born 28 May 1882 and died 3 Jan 1946. He married Mazie Rolland Jordan, born 15 Jul 1903, died 9 Mar 1996.


Sarah Kathlene Hall, b 18 Oct 1923, m Thomas Harold Brennan, b 7 Mar 1914

Edna Marion Hall, b 11 Sept 1926, m Robert Elmo Torrence

Russell Eugene "Buddy" Hall, b 7 Aug 1928, d May 1963, m Margaret White

Edwin Waldo Hall, b 11 Feb 1931, m Glenda Faye Caudill, d 23 Feb 2002

James Rolland Hall, b 7 Jul 1933, d 29 May 1961, m Diane Marion Kaiser, b 25 June 1934.

Nancy Odell Hall, b 22 Aug 1935, m Tony Troy Caudill, b 15 Jul 1936

Barbara Ann Hall, b 11 Oct 1937, m James William Cousins

Patricia Lee "Patty" Hall, b 4 Mar 1940, m Martin Luther Caldwell


¶9 Vivian Lee Hall (from ¶7) was born 16 Sept 1887 and died 1 May 1915. She married (1st) Sam Brizintine. She married (2nd) Douglas Willis.

Child of first marriage:

Flora Thomas Brizintine (See ¶10)


¶10 Flora Thomas Brizintine (from ¶9) married Edward Thomas Glass. She was born 30 Apr 1909 and died 15 Oct 1997.

Edward Lee Glass, m Jean Vallastro


¶11 Charles Talliferro Hall (from ¶6) was born 15 Aug 1854 in Lynchburg VA and died 24 May 1929. He was a tobacconist On 4 Nov 1885 in Rockbridge Co VA he married Alice T. Senseney, daughter of A.A. and J.A. Senseney of Lexington VA. She was born 3 Dec 1865 and died 11 Feb 1929. Both are buried in Presbyterian Cemetery, Lynchburg VA.


Florence Lillian Hall, b 1886 (See ¶20)

Mattie Olena Hall, b 25 Apr 1888 (See ¶28)

Mabel Elizabeth Hall, b 12 Aug 1890, d Jan 1971, m 1913 Henry R. Hartless

Harry Isaac Hall, b 1893 (See ¶34)

Charles Amos Hall b 1896, d before 1960. Probably he was born 29 Jan 1896 and died Feb 1952.. He married Frances Stump.

Louise Marie Hall, b 1901 (See ¶37)

Doris Nannie Hall, b 1905 (See ¶39)


¶12 Isaac Samuel Hall (from ¶6) was born 11 Oct 1868 and died in 1923. In 1903 he married Annie Laurie Boyd, born 1873, died 1935.


Martha Caroline Hall, 1904, d 1950, m 1942 T.C. Anderson (no children)

Elizabeth Isabell Hall, b 1905

Isaac Boyd Hall, b 1908, d 1908

Samuel Frederick Hall, b 1914, m 1935 Barbara M. Henry (no children)

Byrd Henry Hall, b 1915 (See ¶40)


¶13 Samuel Benton Hyman (from ¶2) was born 11 Jul 1840 in Amherst Co VA and died 16 Mar 1902 in Dardenelle AR. He was buried at Clarksville TX. On 1 Jan 1863 at Lynchburg VA he married Mary E. Taylor, who died 15 May 1894 in Springfield OH, daughter of Robert R. and Catherine Taylor. He was a Methodist minister. He had been a school teacher in Botetourt Co VA before his marriage. They moved from southern Virginia to Washington DC by 1864, possibly as a means of choosing sides in the Civil War.


John Robert Hyman b 20 July 1864 (See ¶14)
William Henry Hyman b 11 Jan 1870 (See ¶15)
Luther Theophilus Hyman Sr b 5 Aug 1866 (See ¶16)
Laura Kate Hyman b 9 Dec 1867 (See ¶41)
Birdie Hall Hyman b 11 Dec 1872 Lima Co OH


¶14 John Robert Hyman (from ¶13) was born 20 July 1864 in New York, died 17 June 1909 in Cherokee IA. He was a music teacher and music store owner. He married Minnie Davis, who died 6 Aug 1892 in Springfield IL. Minnie was a daughter of Asa Davis (b 1827) and Edith J. Minor (b ca 1850).

Edith Mary Hyman, b 8 Aug 1891, (See ¶45)


¶15 William Henry Hyman (from ¶13) was born 11 Jan 1870. He married Lena.

Lena Mary Hyman b 19 Jun 1897 Leavenworth KS
Pearl Florence Hyman b 16 Dec 1898 Leavenworth KS
William Henry Hyman b 31 July 1905 Leavenworth KS
Robert Taylor Hyman b 23 Nov 1913 Leavenworth KS


¶16 Luther Theophilus Hyman Sr (from ¶13) was born 5 Aug 1866 in Shelby Co KY. He married Minnie.


Mary Elizabeth Hyman b 25 Apr 1891 Minneapolis KS, d 30 Apr 1891

William Paul Hyman b 8 Apr 1892 in Minneapolis KS

John A. Hyman b 26 June 1894 Leavenworth KS

Josephine Hyman, b 27 Jan 1897 Leavenworth KS

Luther Theophilus Hyman Jr b 26 June 1899 Leavenworth KS

Robert Taylor Hyman b 7 Apr 1902 Ames IA


¶17 Alice J. Hall (from ¶4) was born about 1847 and died between about 1876 and 1880.. She married John W. Layne, who was born about 1835, son of Littleberry and Mary Layne.

Charles T. Layne, b ca 1870
Irvin L. Layne, b ca 1873
Florence Etta (or Etta Florence). Layne, b ca 1876


¶18 Emelia "Emma" E. Hall (from ¶4) probably died by 1870. She married Charles R. Day.

William F. Day, b about 1866
Robert E. Day, b about 1869


¶19 James Thomas Hall (from ¶7) was born 19 Mar 1901 and died 30 Apr 1988. He was a house painter and a Baptist minister. On 31 May 1920 he married Frances Marie Burton, born 1899, died 3 Aug 1990.

Frances Louise Hall (See ¶50)
Vivian Hall (See ¶55)


¶20 Florence Lillian Hall (from ¶11) was born 12 Sep 1886 and died 2 Jun 1954. In 1906 she married William Samuel Johnson. They lived in Madison Heights VA.

Charles Frank Johnson b 1907 (See ¶21)
Margaret Lillian Johnson b 1909
Mildred Elizabeth Johnson b 1911, m Carra Steven Martin
Russell Samuel Johnson b 1915 (See ¶25)
Randolph Taylor Johnson b 1919 (See ¶26)


¶21 Charles Frank Johnson (from ¶20) was born in 1907. He married Alice Grey Price.

Donald Grey Johnson b 1929 (See ¶22)
Phillis Hope Johnson b 1932 (See ¶23)
Marion Jean Johnson b 1935 (See ¶24)
William Carol Johnson b 1938


¶22 Donald Grey Johnson (from ¶21) was born in 1929. In 1949 he married (1st) Dorothy Nichols. In 1954 he married (2nd) Hilda Hensly.

Child of the first marriage:
Elizabeth Grey Johnson, b 1953


¶23 Phillis Hope Johnson (from ¶21) was born in 1932. In 1954 she married Thomas Timothy Wargo Sr.

Thomas Timothy Wargo Jr b 1956
Samuel E. Wargo b 1959


¶24 Marion Jean Johnson (from ¶21) was born in 1935. She married James E. Burnette Sr.

Joyce Marie Burnette b 1953
James E. Burnette Jr b 1956


¶25 Russell Samuel Johnson (from ¶20) was born in 1915. In 1945 he married Della Pearl Shores.

David Samuel b 1948


¶26 Randolph Taylor Johnson (from ¶20) was born in 1919. In 1937 he married Iris Marion McDonald.

Sandra Gay Johnson b 1941 (See ¶27)
Nancy Carolyn Johnson b 1943
Randolph Taylor Johnson b 1951


¶27 Sandra Gay Johnson (from ¶26) was born in 1941. In 1958 she married Winfred Ray Childress.

Cathy Caye Childress b 1959


¶28 Mattie Olena Hall (from ¶11) was born in 25 Apr 1888. In 1907 she married John Elliot Tanner. They lived near Madison Heights VA.

Alice Catherine Tanner, b 1908 (See ¶29)
Florence Elizabeth Tanner, b 1911 (See ¶30)
Cecil O'Neil Tanner, b 1914 (See ¶32)
Grace Dexter Tanner, b 1918 (See ¶33)


¶29 Alice Catherine Tanner (from ¶28) was born in 1908. She married Claud Winfred Kelly Sr.

Catherine Ann Kelly b 1936
Claud Winfred Kelly Jr, b 1940


¶30 Florence Elizabeth Tanner (from ¶28) was born in 1911. She married Charles Ira Murray.

Frederick Elliott Murray, b 1932 (See ¶31)


¶31 Frederick Elliott Murray (from ¶30) was born in 1932. He married Maggie Jean Mayborn

Tracy Elizabeth Mayborn, b 1957


¶32 Cecil O'Neil Tanner (from ¶28) was born in 1914. He married Nora Joyce Cole.

Cecil O'Neil Tanner Jr b 1942
Linda Joyce Tanner b 1946
John Ernest b 1954


¶33 Grace Dexter Tanner (from ¶28) was born in 1918. In 1937 she married Donald Wilfred Jones.

Cecil Jarvis Jones, b 1940, m 1959 Warren Miller Harvey


¶34 Harry Isaac Hall (from ¶11) was born in 1893. In 1916 he married Eva Madeline Raikes.

Warren Earl Hall b 30 Mar 1917 (See ¶35)
Alice Catherine Hall b 1 Mar 1919 (See ¶36)
Doris Olena Hall b 1923


¶35 Warren Earl Hall (from ¶34) was born 30 Mar 1917. In 1942 he married Dorothy Marietta McDonald.

Wayne Earl Hall b 1942
Gwendolyn Hall b 1945
Carolyn Louise Hall b 1949
Harry Ross Hall b 1952


¶36 Alice Catherine Hall (from ¶34) was born 1 Mar 1919. On 1 Mar 1940 in Madison Heights VA she married Aubrey Lemon Burnett, who was born 8 Feb 1917 in Craig Co VA and died 2 Aug 2000 in Lynchburg VA.

James Douglas Burnett, b 1942


¶37 Louise Marie Hall (from ¶11) was born in 1901. She was born 27 Nov 1901 and died 28 Dec 1986 in Alachua Co FL. In 1917 she married Clarence Bryant Arnold Sr, who was born 11 Feb 1896 and died 4 Nov 1975.

Clarence Bryant Arnold Jr b 1920 (See ¶38)
Marian Jane Arnold b 1933 m 1952 Raymond Howard Goff Jr


¶38 Clarence Bryant Arnold Jr (from ¶37) was born in 1920. Apparently he was born 14 Aug 1920 and died in Mar 1990 while living in Alachua Co. FL. In 1941 he married Rachel Ellabell Looney.

Marlyn Dawn Arnold b 1943


¶39 Doris Nannie Hall (from ¶11) was born 12 Dec 1905 and died 16 Mar 1985. In 1929 she married Robert Thomas Flowers, born 25 Mar 1903, died 18 Dec 1982..

Robert Lee Flowers, b 1930, m 1958 Nancy Jay Fowler


¶40 Byrd Henry Hall (from ¶12) was born in 1915. Apparently he was born 12 Oct 1915 and died 14 Sept 1999 while living in Springfield VA. In 1938 he married Mary M. Redman.

Sharon Hall b 1941
Mary Margaret Hall b 1945


¶41 Laura Kate Hyman (from ¶13) was born 9 Dec 1867 in Bardstown KY and died 17 Aug 1935 in Roanoke VA. On 8 Feb 1894 in Leavenworth KS, she married Frederick William Redden, b 2 Nov 1869 in Surrey England, d 27 Apr 1920 in Roanoke VA. Both are buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Roanoke.

Richard Frederick Redden b 1898 d 1942
Mary Elizabeth Redden b 1895 d 1984
Katherine Ruth Redden b 1898 d 1942
William Byrd Redden b 1907 d 1986
Clifford Hyman Redden, d inf.


¶42 Martha Jane "Mattie" Hall (from ¶3) was born in July 1848. She married (1st) Richard Birdwell Seay before 1868. He was a son of Isaac Seay and America Davis and was born about 1845 in Rockbridge Co VA and died before 11 Jun 1880 in Virginia. She married (2nd) after 11 Jun 1880 Charles Wolfarth, a tailor born in Germany. He died before 1893. She married (3rd) Thomas C. McCraw about 1893. He was born in 1854 in Virginia and died between January 1920 and 3 Apr 1930. In the 1885-1886 Lynchburg (VA) city directory, Charles Wolfarth was listed as residing at 617 Cabell St, Lynchburg. Wives were not listed in the directory at this time. In the 1890/1891 directory, both Charles Wolferth, tailor, and Edward S. Seay, were listed as residing at 702 (rear) Main St, Lynchburg. In the 1900 census of Lynchburg VA the family of Thomas C. McCraw lived at 104 Withers Street. He listed as born in July 1854 in Virginia but was also listed as age 55, a contradiction. He was a musician. Mattie McCraw, his wife, was born in July 1850 in Virginia. He was listed with four stepchildren, presumably Mattie's children by her previous marriages, who are listed below as her children. Also listed were four boarders, including Lee Iceman, born 1877 in Virginia, a pipe moulder, who apparently appears later as Robert L. Eisemon.

Children of the first marriage:
Edward Stephen Seay, b Nov 1868 VA, d before 22 Apr 1910, a news agent.
Richard Birdwell Seay Jr (See ¶60)
Alice Virginia Seay, b 1873 VA, d before 22 Apr 1910

Children of the second marriage:

Julius W. Wolfarth, b June 1881 VA, a machinist apprentice in 1900 census, an invalid in 1920 census. He married Hallie R. Ward, b 15 Sept 1882, d Nov 1972 in Clifton Forge VA. No children

Lula E. Wolfarth, b 10 Mar 1883 VA (See ¶43) m Robert L. Eisemon

Grace Wolfarth, b Jan 1885 in Lynchburg VA (See ¶61)


¶43 Lula E. Wolfarth (from ¶42) was born 10 Mar 1883 in Lynchburg VA and died there in Dec 1971. She married Robert L. Eisemon, born Aug 1877 in Virginia. He was a tender at Lynchburg Foundry. In the 1920 census of Lynchburg VA they lived at 609 Church Street. In the 1920 census, Lula Eisemon said that her father was born in Germany. In the 1933 Lynchburg City Directory, she was listed as operating Peoples News Stand and Robert Eisemon was listed as a moulder.

Owen Eisemon, son, b 7 Dec 1906 in VA, d 11 Sept 1998, worked for railroad
Virginia A. Eisemon, daughter, b July 1908 VA, d 22 Apr 1910
Ruth L. Eisemon, daughter, b ca 1912 VA


¶44 John Fletcher Hall (from ¶4) was born about 1850. According to his obituary in the Roanoke (VA) Times of 3 Mar 1942, he died on 2 Mar 1942 at age 92 at his home at 107 Winona Ave, Wasena. He was born in Campbell Co VA and worked with the Virginia Iron Coal and Coke Company in Buena Vista VA before coming to Roanoke. In Roanoke he was a building contractor. He married Kate C. ---, who survived him. He was buried in Evergreen Cemetery

Surviving children were:

Helen M. Hall, b 1902, m. 1920 Marshall F. Pugh, VP of Virginia Brewing Co, who was b 24 Jul 1898 and d Aug 1970 Roanoke VA

Mattie S. Hall (See ¶68)

Myrtle L. Hall, b 1891, m.1909 Roy L. Iseminger, general contractor in Roanoke, who was born 12 July 1887 in Maryland and died Jan 1963 in Virginia.

William H. Hall, b before 1887 VA

Harry W. Hall (See ¶69)

Cary Vaughn Hall (See ¶70)

John Russell Hall, b about 1901, m Martha J. ---, b about 1907, daughter Martha J. Hall b about 1925, lived in Roanoke VA.


¶45 Edith Mary Hyman (from ¶14) was born 8 Aug 1891, possibly in Blanchester OH. She was raised in Springfield OH by her grandparents Asa Davis and Edith J. Minor. When she was 18 she married Thayer H. Evers (b 1889) of Chicago IL. He served in WWI in France.

Their children:
Dorothy Virginia Evers (1912-1980) (See ¶46)
Robert H. Evers (1913-1923)


¶46 Dorothy Virginia Evers (from ¶45) was born 1912 and died in 1980. She married John William McNally, son of Patrick and Rose McNally

Their children:
Robert Thayer McNally, m Ima Jean Matthews
Philip Golden McNally
Patrick Lawrence McNally


¶50 Frances Louise Hall (from ¶19) was born 28 Feb 1921 in Lynchburg VA. She worked on the assembly line at the General Electric plant. She married (1st) Edward Jackson Arthur in Madison Heights VA on 26 Sept 1939. He was born 12 Feb 1914 in Bedford Co VA and died 24 Jan 1969 of a heart attack while hunting in Bedford Co. His parents were Erastus Arthur and Sally Jackson. He served in the Army in WWII and worked for the railroad. She married (2nd) Eugene L. Hall on 5 May 1984.

Children of the first marriage:

Edward Thomas Arthur, b 11 Aug 1940 (See ¶51)
Joy Frances Arthur, b 12 Feb 1942 (See ¶52)
Annis Marie Arthur, b 26 Mar 1951 (See ¶53)
Nora Jane Arthur, b 7 Jul 1953 (See ¶54) in Lynchburg VA


¶51 Edward Thomas Arthur (from ¶50) was born 11 Aug 1940 in Lynchburg VA. He married Virginia Cunningham in Madison Heights VA. They were later divorced.

Their children:

Greg Edward Arthur, married, one daughter
Gary Wayne Arthur, married, one son


¶52 Joy Frances Arthur (from ¶50) was born 12 Feb 1942 in Lynchburg VA. She was married three times. She married (1st) about 1960 to Wayne Ragland, who later died She married (2nd) William Bailey, and they were later divorced. She married (3rd) Joe Marshall, who died.

Children of the first marriage:

Wayne Ragland Jr, b 4 Oct (probably 1961), m Crystal ---
James Edward Ragland, b 18 Sept (probably 1962)

Children of the second marriage:

Roddy Bailey, b 28 Sept ---
Kay Frances Bailey, married, died of complications of childbirth.


¶53 Annis Marie Arthur (from ¶50) was born 26 Mar 1951 in Lynchburg VA. About 1985 she married Steve Hight, an attorney.

Their child:

Hugh Jackson Hight, b about 1986


¶54 Nora Jane Arthur (from ¶50) was born 7 Jul 1953 in Lynchburg VA. She married Robin Jaeger, a veterinarian. They were later divorced.

Their children:

Melanie Jaeger, b about 1973
Joanie Jaeger, b about 1975


¶55 Vivian Estelle Hall (from ¶19) was born 18 July 1922 in Coleman Falls VA. She married Graham Daniel "Red" Humphries, who was born 9 March 1920 and died Feb 1990. He worked at a paper mill.

Their children:

Dana Marie Humphries
Gail Humphries
Lynn Margaret Humphries
Graham Daniel Humphries Jr, b Jan 1954
Cynthia Louise "Cindy" Humphries


¶56 Charles Lee Hall (from ¶3) was born between 11 Jun and 10 Aug 1845 in Appomattox VA and died after 9 May 1891 in Norfolk VA. He married Sarah "Sally" Wilson Phelps before 10 Aug 1870, daughter of Nelson and Nancy Phelps. She was born between 11 Jun and 10 Aug 1849 (or maybe 1844) in Appomattox VA and died 11 Oct 1907 in Norfolk VA. They were in the 1870 and 1880 Censuses in Appomattox Co VA. Sarah was in the 1900 Census of Lynchburg VA as head of household.


David Nelson Hall, b 22 May 1871 (See ¶58 )

Mary "Mollie" Susan Hall was born 19 Oct 1874 (or 1873) in Appomattox VA and died 27 June 1951 in Newport News VA. In 1900 she was a cigar maker. She married Arthur Wolfel after the 1900 census. He was born in 1865 in Columbus OH and died before 10 Jun 1938 in VA. He served in the Spanish American War. They had no children.

Willie Jane Hall, b 10 Oct 1876. (See ¶59 )


¶57 William Walker Hall (from ¶3) was born between 1851 and 1853 in Virginia and died after 9 May 1891. He married Sally Shackelford. He was a tobacco worker.

William Lawrence Hall Sr, d 1940 (See ¶62)
Gordon Hall
Ryland Hall
Elizabeth Hall


¶58 David Nelson Hall (from ¶56) was born 22 May 1871 in Appomattox VA and died 10 Aug 1938 at Norfolk VA. He had polio as a child. He married Clara Lois Garnett, in 1896 in Lynchburg VA. She claimed she was born 4 Apr 1873 in New Hampshire and died 22 Dec 1947 in Newport News VA, and was a daughter of Mariner Garnett and Lois Huckins. However, in the 1870 census she was listed as 2 years old and in 1880 as 12 years old, making a birth year of 1868 more probable. David was a cigar maker, a telephone operator at police headquarters and a ticket taker at Bain Field, Norfolk VA.


Eugene Lee Hall, b Jan 1898 Lynchburg (See ¶63)

Raymond Nelson Hall, b 25 Apr 1904 Norfolk (See ¶64)

Roger James Hall, b 16 Aug 1906 Norfolk, d 25 Feb 1986 Newport News. He married (1st) Margaret Thomas Lambert, b 18 Nov 1906 Norfolk, d 27 June 1973 Hampton VA. He married (2nd) Margaret Ballree. He is buried in Park Lane Cemetery, Hampton

Louise Vivian Hall, b 22 Feb 1911 Norfolk, d 28 Dec 1997 in Hampton VA. She married Grover Wade Sr 21 Nov 1931 in Norfolk VA. He was born 14 Jun 1905 in Ferrum VA and died 4 Apr 1972 in Newport News. She was buried in Park Lane Cemetery, Hampton.


¶59 Willie Jane Hall (from ¶56) was born 10 Oct 1876 in Appomattox VA and died 18 May 1955 in Norfolk VA. She was buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Norfolk. She married (1st) Richard Birdwell Seay Jr (her first cousin), son of Richard Birdwell Seay Sr and Martha Hall. He was born July 1871 in Virginia and died 18 May 1907 in Norfolk VA. He was buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Norfolk. She married (2nd) Dr Leroy Bristow Edwards.

Children of the first marriage:
Grace Seay, m W.D. Howard
Richard Birdwell Seay III, b 16 Apr 1902 Lynchburg, d June 1972 Newport News VA
Wallace Eugene Seay, b Jan 1893 (See ¶71)
Reuben Berdwell Seay (See ¶64)
Mamie Pearl Seay, b 15 Jan 1899 Lynchburg (See ¶66)
Elsie May Seay, b Sept-Oct 1906, d 1 Jun 1907 of pneumonia

Children of the second marriage
Vergie Edwards, b 8 Jan 1912 (See ¶67 )
Leroy Bristow Edwards Jr, b 17 Dec 1915, d 11 Jul 1988 San Diego CA


¶60 Richard Birdwell Seay Jr (from ¶42) was born June 1871 and died 18 May 1907 in Norfolk VA. He married his first cousin Willie Jane Hall. Their children are listed in the entry for the wife. See ¶59.


¶61 Grace Wolfarth (from ¶42) was born Jan 1885 in Lynchburg VA. In 1904 she married Lowry G. Overacre, b 1 Jan 1880, d Oct 1968 Lynchburg. He was a plumber.

Carl E. Overacre, b 8 Nov 1903, d Sept 1985 Lynchburg
Lloyd D. Overacre, b 9 Nov 1908, d 7 Jan 1993, worked for railroad.
Dorothy A. Overacre, b 1910


¶62 William Lawrence Hall Sr (from ¶57) died in 1940. He married Effie Adeline Reynolds, who was born in Asheville NC and died in 1978. She attended Randolph-Macon College.


Nat Augustus Hall Sr, b 14 May 1918, d 15 Aug 1989. He married Eleanor Claire McShane, b 11 Jan 1921, d 19 May 1997

William Lawrence Hall Jr

Annie Lee Hall

Margaret Reynolds Hall


¶63 Eugene Lee Hall (from ¶58) was born Jan 1898 in Lynchburg VA and died 2 Sept 1953 in Norfolk VA. He married (1st) Mary V. Ashton between 1917-1918. He married (2nd) Irene N. Barnes. He was a foreman at a publishing company and later a store keeper at the Naval Air Station. He was buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Norfolk.

Eugene Lee Hall Jr of Baltimore MD
Jimmy A. Hall, USN
Shirley Hall, m Mr. Hill


¶64 Raymond Nelson Hall (from ¶58) was born 25 Apr 1904 at Norfolk VA and died 18 June 1950 at the Union Printers Home, Colorado Springs CO. He was composing room foreman for the Virginian-Pilot, Norfolk. He was in the Coast Guard during WWII. He married Cloey Inez Ireland on 8 Aug 1924 in Norfolk. She was born 2 Aug 1906 in Newbern NC and died 22 Dec 1980 in Norfolk.

Jean Ray Hall, b 14 Mar 1928 Norfolk, d 7 Mar 1984 Virginia Beach, never married
Renee Hall, m Everett F. Yates

¶65 Reuben Berdwell Seay (from ¶59) was born in 1896 in Lynchburg VA and died 4 Nov 1938 in Norfolk VA. He was a newspaper printer in Norfolk and was a WWI veteran. He married Lillie Maude Humphries in 1920. She was born 31 Aug 1902 in South Norfolk VA and died 18 Nov 1976 in Norfolk.


Doris Ruby Seay, b 3 Jul 1921, d 24 Apr 1995 Virginia Beach, m Dave Elias Eckhardt Sr, b 9 Nov 1915 Mena AR, d 3 Dec 1985 Norfolk. He was a Navy officer and a veteran of WWII and the Korean War.

Reuben Berdwell Seay Jr, b ca 1923

Lillian Alise Seay, b 8 Apr 1926 Norfolk, d 1 May 1983 Norfolk, m Thomas Daniel Parker Sr, b 4 Jul 1926 Murfreesboro NC, d 4 Jul 2002 Virginia Beach VA. He was a WWII veteran and retired as foreman of the Rigging Department at Little Creek Amphibious Base.


¶66 Mamie Pearl Seay (from ¶59) was born 15 Jan 1899 in Lynchburg VA and died 13 Aug 1993 in Virginia Beach VA. She married Thomas Walter Howard Sr.

Edna Ruth Howard (See ¶72)
Thomas Walter Howard Jr


¶67 Vergie Edwards (from ¶59) was born 8 Jan 1912 in Norfolk VA and died 8 Sept 1995 in Virginia Beach VA. She married (1st) Mr Gullot, and married (2nd) Philip Abrams, b 17 Jun 1920, d 2 Jun 1999 in Pompano Beach FL.

Her children, probably from first marriage:
Dorothy Faye, d before 1995, m Mr Schuman
Bobbye June, d before 1995, m Mr Vitale
Jean Elaine, d before 1995, m Mr Gilliam
Sandra West, m Mr King
Janey C., m Mr Smith


¶68 Mattie S. Hall (from ¶44) was born 1 June 1887 in Augusta Co VA. In 1910 she married Frank W. McCormick, salesman for Granite Memorials, who was born about 1885/6 in Virginia.

Mildred McCormick, b 1911
Katherine McCormick, b 1915


¶69 Harry W. Hall (from ¶44 ) was born about 1894 in Virginia. He married Ola M. ---.born about 1897. They lived in Roanoke VA.


Roland Hall, b about 1914
Margaret F. Hall, b about 1916
Dorothy L. Hall, b about 1920


¶70 Cary Vaughn Hall Sr (from ¶44 ) was born 11 Sept 1896 in Virginia and died 15 Jan 1978 in Springfield VA. He married Caroline Campbell Beach, b 1906 in Virginia and died 1965 in Richmond VA.

Their Son
Cary Vaughn Hall Jr, b 1 May 1922 Stuart VA, d 15 May 1995 Richmond VA, m Theresa Louise Tucker, b 18 Jan 1920 Alta Vista VA, d 15 Nov 1994 Richmond VA.


¶71 Wallace Eugene Seay (from ¶59) was born Jan 1893 at Lynchburg VA and died 3 Apr 1943 in Norfolk VA. He was a veteran of WWI. He married Ruth Brockmeyer..
Wallace Eugene Seay Jr of Norfolk
Mrs. C.A. Bullock of Norfolk
Mrs A.G. Miller of Bell Gardens CA


¶72 Edna Ruth Howard (from ¶66) was born 29 May 1920 Norfolk and died 17 Sept 1996 Virginia Beach VA. She married Edward Rufus McIntosh, born 2 Dec 1906 New York City, died 21 Jul 1990 Virginia Beach.

Their son:
Richard Howard McIntosh, b 24 Oct 1940 Norfolk, d 16 Jan 2004 Virginia Beach

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